Thursday, February 11, 2016


Today is February 11th.  Christmas was yesterday, Easter tomorrow.  Time flies!  So I am enjoying today.

Starting with waking up in a warm bed with an equally warm hubby.  A hot shower, jeans, a cozy shirt and sweater combo.
 I'll walk in the neighborhood, though it's in the single digits this morning.  Something about the cold cold air and sunshine is irresistible.

I love the squeek of snow underfoot.  The quiet, except for the occasional car.

I enjoy the winter outside, by February, I want some spring inside.  A thrifted print on the mantle...

Some faux bulbs that my babygrand helped me plant in this glass vessel.  She took fistfuls of gravel and gently filled around the bulbs.  Penny enjoys decorating, and loves to arrange things around the house for me.
 She is the first to notice if I've changed things or added something new.  I love that!

A little green here and there.

 All faux but so pretty.

Tick tock, tick, tock...
Enjoy this beautiful day.


Lynne said...

I would enjoy walking with you
and doing many other things together . . .
Love that Penny helped get the bulbs ready.
I liked your faux greens too . . .
Sweet post Penny . . .
I have many dates written in my Birthday Book for your day.
Eleven, sixteen and twenty, all in February . . .
I think you told me the date once, will you do so again please!
Love, Lynne

Debby said...

I agree, time is flying.
I love that Penny notices things. So does my Mabel.
Pretty blooms for you.
I haven't felt well but when I let the dogs out a breath of the cold air is refreshing.
Stay warm.