Monday, February 1, 2016


"She promises so very much
A bit of winter's snow,
Perhaps a little ice and sleet
Before March winds shall blow.
Sometimes a bleak and wintry month...
 Sometimes a day like spring,
A little sun, a little rain-
A bit of everything."
From a poem by Garnett Ann Schultz
Little jobs are getting done around the house.  This wire hanger for photos turns into a curtain rod.  The clips can hold fabric, and in this case, pretty napkins.  (This is available at IKEA)

 A simple window covering, can be changed often.  I also have this in the kitchen where I use hand towels as curtains above the sink.  Unusual but so much fun.
Puttering with Valentine's Day in mind.  Boxes of decorations sit in the basement since my style has changed.  Less is more...and just the little bits here and there are all I need.
We've had some warmer temps followed by cold and ice. 
Every day is getting longer and I am basking in the light! 
 Seeing some sunshine and blue skies sure perks up a person.
 Walking in the cold, with a crisp blue sky makes me happy.
 No matter how cold, it's a pleasure to walk.
Our annual Eagles weekend at Starved Rock State Park here in Illinois was a muddy affair. The river overflowed it's banks and left behind puddles of water and mud.  Our friends meet each year for brunch and to watch for eagles that roost near the open water at the river.  Since we've had a relatively mild winter the eagles were elsewhere,  We braved the mud to look across the river, but one young eagle was all my friends saw.  I saw one eagle on the ride in on the banks of another river.  So, as far as eagle watching went, we were not very successful.
We had a great brunch buffet in the lodge with great old friends.  Our conversations ran the gamut of family, friends and experiences that we have never shared before.  Just when you think you know someone for almost fifty years!

I'll be crafting today, making favors for a upcoming dinner and cutting some fabric for pillowcases and sachet hearts.  I hope your month and week are happy and healthy ones for you.  Happy February!  Enjoy this beautiful day.

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a writing place said...

Applause for the wire hanger for photos, as a way to cover a window. Really cute idea!!!