Monday, January 25, 2016

Full Moon on Monday

 I can't remember ever seeing a beautiful full moon in the morning, like the one my dearest is holding in his hand.
 It was surprising and romantic.  Not sure if it was the moon but there was love in the air...
A project...Painted this $5 tray from the thrift with the very bottom of my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. 
 I still need to sand and wax it.... 
... Just couldn't wait to use it in a little vignette.  Roses from the grocery store in a beautiful vase that was a gift from my Guild Sisters years ago.
These appetizer plates cheer me so.  The were taped together for $1.99, and all I could see was the Iris. Little did I know the other hidden beauties...Sweet Peas, or Foxglove?  Even Penny recognized the Poppies!
 They are melamine.

 A sunny Monday morning with roses.  Perked me up, how about you?
 Our local market has had these spray roses all winter for $5 a bunch.
 They are lovely for a couple of weeks then dry beautifully too.
Are you itching to get outside a little?  Found this and tried to remember that spring is not far away.
We also found a little something for our babygrand. at a new thrift that recently opened nearby.  It will take her no time to fill the bins with her treasures.

I was snottier than usual ;-) last week with a cold, but feeling more like myself today.  Not quite up to sanding and waxing my tray, but I maybe should take it outside and get it done during this heat wave we're having.  38 degrees!  Feels almost tropical.

Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind comments.  A special  shout out to Tessa, Debby and Lynne.  You haven't given up on this blogger, but encourage me with your kindness. Thank you!  I so appreciate all of my readers, or as I prefer to call you... friends.  Enjoy this beautiful day!


Lynne said...

Hi there thrifter . . .
Wonderful tray . . .
Roses for five, colorful bin shelf for "grand" . . . great pick me up and finds.
I loved that morning moon too . . .
Thank you for mentioning me FRIEND!
Hope that stuffing nose is a thing of the past . . .

a writing place said...

Precious picture of Full Moon in the morning. :-)

Oh those dishes with flower decor, are sooooo beautiful!

So sorry about the cold, but glad you are feeling better. Rest. It's the best thing. At least I think our bodies need more rest, when fighting off a cold or etc. :-)

Gentle hugs,