Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Winter Idle

Sometimes in winter all I want to do is putter.  Nothing really gets done except a load of laundry here and a few odds and ends put away..  But last week, my dear pal Sue was celebrating her 61st birthday.  She is exactly one month older than I am.  We always try to get together in January or February to celebrate.
I found this photo on Sue's face book page of her husband Ron's Grandmother.  I thought it was so beautiful that I made this pillow for Sue.
Using a ink jet transfer and a little muslin,  I found this cool vintage camera charm at the Hob Lob, and a flower using vintage materials that I made.  It was simple but sweet.
 Then I got in the crafting mood.  I made this corsage.  When we were in High School, (Alvernia Class of 1973!) when we turned 16 we bought each other a corsage with sugar cubes for sweet sixteen.  Since Sue was turning Sweet 61, I made an old school sugar cube corsage, except I used Styrofoam instead of real sugar cubes...much lighter and she'll be able to have it as a keepsake.
 It was just a silly thing, but Sue got a kick out of it and wore it onstage .  Sue and Ron perform as Peaches Beach Party, with Sue on piano, Ron on vocals and guitar.  They also have two drummers and a steel drum.
 Ron has been in bands from when we first met in 1969!  We've been friends all our adult lives!
 They performed at an event on Sue's birthday so we surprised her by attending.
She looks so darn good, is a great musician and a Grandma of four! We visited with other friends and some members of Sue and Ron's family.  A really nice time...It seems impossible that we are now all in our sixties!
I had texted with our other pal also named Sue that afternoon. These are forever friends!  We've been through it all together and I feel so blessed to have them in my life.

I have a few projects going, but this was quick and easy.  I found this leaded glass mirror..  It had some funky flowers on it, but I guessed that they would come off with a razor blade, and they did.
When I hang it somewhere I'll show you the completed project.  One dollar and some elbow grease.

"Look with delight on winter's reign,
Where neath a fluffy counterpane,
Knitted by the swirling snows,
Earth claims her hour of sweet repose."
-Mildred L. Jarrell

Thank you for stopping by and for your kind comments.  Enjoy this beautiful day!



a writing place said...

What a gorgeous pillow!

Everything, on which you were 'puttering,' is lovely. But oh that pillow!

Gentle hugs...

Debby said...

Such cute projects. I like that your friend wore hers I would love to hear them play. I love steel drums. Stay warm . Hugs

a writing place said...

Thank you for your comment, in my blog.

I am Tessa. Live in the NE of the US. Where it is very cold, right now. But hardly any snow. And it looks as if we will be missed by the big storm coming. :-) The most, will be below us. Well, as of the last weather forecast I saw!!! ,-)

But one of our grand daughters lives/works in the heavy storm area, to the south of here. Have to call her and ask, if she and her room mate have plenty of coffee and cat food stocked up? ,-))))

Gentle hugs,