Monday, January 11, 2016

Baby It's Cold Outside

This was yesterday morning, after a frosty night.  There's something magical about sunlight on snow that I never tire of.
I prepared for the weather with a trip to the library, where I am greeted as a minor celebrity.  All of my kids worked at our local library, so I am the connection to Kristen, Jonathan and Michael.  Friends want to know how everyone is doing, and I am glad to tell them the latest about my favorite topics, my babies! (Patrons are still asking about Mike, and he has been gone for a year now.  Does a Mom's heart good to know many folks miss that sweet guy!)
I got a stack of books, but the book I want you to read is Martin Short's, I Must Say.  I cried, which is no surprise, but it is such a great book, very very sad at times and then I was laughing out loud.  If you enjoyed Martin on SCTV back in the day, loved Innerspace (A movie with Dennis Quade and Meg Ryan, my kids and Dad watched it a dozen times at least.) , Captain Ron...(There is a part in the book about Kurt Russell that I still can't talk about, it was so beautiful and kind.) .If you grew up with the comedy of the 70's and 80's it a treasure trove of wonderful stories...even one about George Harrison... I can't image you would be disappointed, but I warn you ...TISSUES!  Maybe a box!
 A beautiful sunrise, we wake up early here in the Valley.
We had a small party for a little bug who turned four.  My great niece who celebrates her birthday, just after the big holiday celebrations, is so sweet and special that I try to make a fuss.  We had a Frozen party, of course.
 With snow dusted cupcakes and homemade pizza.  Every one's favorite.
 The amaryllis are still going strong.
And now the red one has sent up another shoot.  They are so much fun to watch grow.  I recommend them to brighten up these cold cold days.

Getting anywhere has been a challenge, especially for a driver like me who likes dry pavement.  Luckily after some work and some rest we got out for a while.  As much as I love home, it's wonderful to fill your lungs with crisp cold air...then hop back in the warm car!
Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments!  I so appreciate your visits.  Enjoy this beautiful day!


a writing place said...

Yes Ma'am! It is cold! That ol' Arctic blast has caught up with us, in upper NYS. A bit hard to get used to, after all that time of warmer weather. But this is now seasonal.

It keeps me in though. What with worry about ice and falling, etc. But I am 'olden' and it's to be expected. :-) Before the temps fell, we got enough supplies for 2 weeks, it seems. :-)

It's lovely to really celebrate a birthday, which is so close, to Christmas. One of our son's was born on Jan. 25th. Not as close as your great niece, though. But you took care of the making-it-special.

Stay warm!

Gentle hugs...

Lynne said...

Loved hearing about the Martin Short book . . .
He puts me in stitches!
I am visiting a library tomorrow and will pick it up.
I am embarrassed to say, I have never visited the oldest library in Muskegon.
Tomorrow it will happen.
I grew up loving libraries and have visited many.
Why this library slipped from my visits . . . I have no excuse.

I agree . . . very cold . . .
The beautiful many inches of snow these past few days has warmed the chill . . .
Oh my, it is so beautiful . . .

Happy days Penny . . . In the chilly air, then hop back in the warm car!