Tuesday, February 23, 2016

FUN and more Fun

 We've had wind and warm and maybe tomorrow snow.  I was outside picking up the damage from the wind storm, from giant branches to small sticks, just wanting to be OUT not IN and waiting, patiently waiting, for spring.  That was the topic of my very first blog post SIX YEARS AGO!  It is still true, sometime after Valentine's Day I get cabin fever and want out!
 I put my feelings into a little decorating.  A sweet forsythia garland and a thrifted bunny.
 He's glittery and filled with the promise of spring.
 Easter is still weeks away so I will bring out small tokens of spring slowly, just like nature does.
 A nest here...
A birthday gift from my sweet SIL Elizabeth.
 Some birds there...
cupcake cups from dear Jean.

I spent the day with my grand daughter and made cupcakes for her daddy.  We have so much FUN.  I mean the belly laugh, giggle and snuggle kind of fun.  Singing songs as cats,(pick a melody, meow to it!) watching cat videos.(Keyboard Cat, 96 Tears, You Tube)  Reading books. Napping in Grandpa's chair with her in my arms,  Precious days.  This girl makes me laugh.  She named her imaginary cat husband Tuna Fish!  We bought the largest container of sprinkles at the grocery store, and picked out cards together.  Her Dad got a Winnie the Pooh card and she suggested that I get him a Scooby Doo card, so I did.  Seeing the world in a completely different way because of her.  Also a recent visit with my best friend ever reminded me of the girl I was and still am on the inside.  I am, proud to admit, quite silly.  Penny brings that out in me again.  I love her more than words can express, and she loves me!

Thanks so much for stopping by and for your friendship. Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Lynne said...

What a treasure she is for you Penny . . .
And what a treasure YOU are for her . . .
"Silly" is such fun!