Monday, June 20, 2016

In the Good Old Summertime

A happy Father's Day weekend, spending time with our girl while Mom had a trip to New York and Dad caught up on some work at home.    While the small one napped I harvested my annual crop of Lavender, but first we had a whirlwind week end. 
...and here's a little recap.

 After picking up Penny we stopped at the cemetery to pay our respects to my Dad.  Penny thought it was a wonderful place, a place I told her you remember people who have gone to heaven.  
Trying to keep the death part out of the visit, she calmly asked what dead people look like.  I told her I like to remember what people looked like when they were alive.  She is looking for simple answers.  She is much much smarter and more intuitive than most children her age. (4 years old)
We walked through the fields and looked at the many arrangements, spinning things and ornaments.  It was hot and we promised her a trip to the local thrift, so she was anxious to go.

 After the thrift where Penny found some great treasures, we stopped at our favorite place, The Grove.  Penny got right to it doing chores around the homestead.  Sweeping, washing bandanas and hanging them on the line, hauling water from the well...

...and churning butter.  We walked the boardwalk  over the marsh and visited the gift shop for some stickers and a candy stick.

We picked up lunch to take home and Penny then fell asleep.

 While Grandpa and Penny had a snooze, I went out to harvest the Lavender

 It's just a small patch, but every year I get a bigger harvest.

 Smells like heaven.  
Our girl is getting so tall, and that beachy hair, 100% natural!
 After nap time, out we went.  This time to the Lake.  The last time she went with us to the Lake, Penny would not go close to the water.  She asked if there were fish in there...and immediately wanted to go. Well, this time she became a Lake Lover like Grandma and Grandpa.  She took off her shoes and walked the shore with her feet in the waves.   
 Penny said, "Grandma,  Lake Michigan really is as blue as my eyes."
This time she didn't want to leave. Does this Grandma's heart good,  SHE LOVES THE LAKE!  

 Sunday was all about this guy, the sweetest Dad and Grandpa!
 We had breakfast with Kris , Doug and Penny.  Spent the day in the yard, wading pool filled, water balloons, water fights and beach ball games.  Penny made cards for her Dad, Grandpa and for a welcome home to Mom. Topped off with a spaghetti dinner, it was quite the celebration.  A great time was had by all.

In other news...
 I sprayed the cloche stand and the tray I recently thrifted..  

Both pieces benefited from a coat of linen colored spray paint.
I also sewed and located several items for some crafting this week.  When it's just too hot to garden you'll find me at the sewing machine.  I'll report on that soon.

Happy Summer and enjoy this beautiful and longest day of the year!


babs said...

Your little Penny is growing so! They little minds are so curious! And yes,,they are so smart. My little Jojo was with us last week. I gave her a snack to eat....she bit into it and said...oh my gosh...this is so tastes just like heaven!" So dramatic! So fun! Enjoy this first day of summer, my friend.

Lynne said...

How swift it goes . . . tiny little fingers and toes, than in a flash . . .
little minds give us pause at their wisdom . . .
Isn't it wonderful to have her near . . .
What do you do to harvest the lavender . . .
Pick and let it sun dry?
I am imagining the fragrance . . .