Monday, June 6, 2016

The Week In Review

Here's what happening in English Valley...Summer is upon us.  The gardens are thriving, except for the Queen Anne's Lace I was growing in my front yard that the lawn guys took offense to.  Weed wacked to oblivion!  Never thought they would cross the invisible boarder I had in my mind between weed and flower.  Oh well, they didn't get them all.
 I celebrated with my Guild Sisters our End of the Year Dinner.  I made them, as a favor, do it yourself s'mores.  These skewers each had a summer message.  I found this scrapbook paper and made a bunch.
 Had to photograph in morning light.
I found the square marshmallows and used Trader Joe's Graham Crackers,  
 I made this pineapple upside down cake I saw on facebook, I think.  I just saw the photo and knew just how to do it. I used a cake mix and substituted pineapple juice for the water.
It was moist and delicious.
 My SIL is also in Guild.  I took many photos but asked for a photo of Elizabeth and me.  Hanging out at a bar, Ha!
 I was the Guild Chairperson for about 15 years.  This year I stepped down and the girls gave me this beautiful centerpiece, designed by Kelly, Jean's very talented daughter.  Really beautiful.
 I donated several bags of clothes at the thrift...I just went in for a quick look. As if ;-) This turned bowl is from Michigan, from the 40's or 50's.
This pumpkin might find it's way into wedding decorations this October.  

 We had our babygrand visiting this weekend.  We had many special moments and some just plain silly.  We made some bird feeders out of pine cones and peanut butter.  Penny did not want to take them home but insisted on hanging them in Grandma's Garden.
This Girl is so smart and intuitive.  We both love Jon Denver and listen to his music and like to  watch a DVD Penny especially likes.  (that I had never seen until we found it while thrifting) It's called John Denver's Rocky Mountain Holiday with the Muppets.  John goes camping with the Muppets and sings songs around the campfire.  When they started singing Grandma's Feather Bed, Penny said, "This one's for you Grandma!"  I laughed until I cried.  

On the way home on Sunday, we listened to more of John's music and Penny sang along.  It makes me so happy that she can share this with me.  Then,  Penny asked from the back of the car, 
"Is John Denver dead?"  Just out of the blue!
Oh my goodness, I hoped this day wouldn't happen until she was older.  I had to be honest and say yes. I told her that John was flying a airplane when something bad happened.   She just wanted to know what she suspected was true and seemed OK with it.  She just turned four.  We are so in over our heads with this girl. She is amazing.

 After we dropped off Penny, we needed some Lake Michigan time.  We walked the beach and all the paths.
 Greeted our old pal Cottonwood, beautiful in all seasons.  Then headed for home.

Thanks so much for stopping by and for your friendship.  Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Lynne said...

Each of your posts is like a story . . .
Filled with pages and chapters of
Joy, Friends, Family, Happenings and Four Year Old Penny!
Love it!