Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Summer Arrives

 The first holiday weekend of Summer, and the garden is flourishing.
 The peonies have popped and smell like heaven. (Cloudy day photos)
 All this beauty hidden in a little bud.
 All the memories the flower invokes... my youth, my parents and now my own home.
 Puttered around the kitchen, cleaning and arranging.
Made a small improvement on my old and ugly dishwasher with a little scrapbook paper, my zyron and clear matt sealer.  A little shabby, right? A big improvement. (no before photo, imagine a big black dented eyesore.) It got the babygrand's seal of approval. ;-)
 These are the clouds that kept us close to home on Saturday.
 Beautiful in their own way.
Capped off the Memorial Day weekend with a cookout and water fight with the family.   Just us, (missing Mike) a picture perfect day, a wading pool and some dollar store toys... all topped off with s'mores.  A great time was had by all, and our 22nd summer here in English Valley begins. Where does the time go?

Enjoy this beautiful day.


Lynne said...

Summer arrived here too . . .
With HOT!
I like your collection of cutting boards . . .
And Miss Ingeneous once again . . . with your dishwasher vintage!
I truly think Peony is one of the loveliest of flowers . . .
Happy "pool party days" granny P . . .

vintageandart said...

How divine to have flowering peony bushes and l LOVE how you've finished your dishwasher...so clever. Lots of clouds in your area but still looks lovely and warm...very cold here in Oz, just 3 months to go less a day:-)