Monday, May 23, 2016

As Four Years Fly Past

Seems like yesterday that on a sparkling May day in Manhattan,  a magical little girl was born named Penny, making me a grandmother.   That was 4 years ago.  To see this girl grow to be a extraordinary person has been my joy.  
This is what we always say about this photo, our very first together...  I say, "I looked at you, and you looked at me, and then, Penny says, "We fell in love!"  No explaining it, the connection was immediate and even during the first three years when she lived in NY and I was here in Chicagoland,  we bonded and became close. (Everyday on Facetime helped, sometimes twice a day.

 Manhattan was filled with pink roses the day Penny was born.
 Not that you could ever imagine
such beauty in a crowded busy place like it is.

Today my girl is an artist, a dancer, a princess, a romantic.  She is sweet and silly, compassionate and kind.
We dance at the grocery store in front of the piano player, pretend at the grove that we are at a ball and dance and twirl in our beautiful pretend gowns.  We have coronations where we play Pomp and Circumstance on the iphone and march around the living room while I carry her train. We cook and clean
together, tea parties are the norm.  Penny lets me hold her for quiet time, no naps for a big girl, but she manages to fall asleep in my arms.  She imitates the way I walk, which is hysterical, and has a big crush on Grandpa.  Penny fills our lives with pure love and joy.
To Penny's Mom and Dad, thank you for sharing your wonderful child with us, for making us grandparents and for the time we spend together.  You'll never know how much we love having you all close, and appreciate being a part of Penny's life.  Love you guys.

Happy Birthday Penny, with all our love forever.



Melanie said...

What a beautiful tribute to your precious granddaughter! Happy 4th birthday, Sweet P!

Lynne said...

Beautufully written Granny Penny . . .
You have a way of "talking love" perfectly!