Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Bleeding Hearts and Adjusting to Changes

First time posting on my own, on this different computer.  Imagine the nerve of my technical support leaving me on my own today. (My Dearest). Oh well, got to grow up sometime.  I love technology.  I am in awe of all my hubby knows and it comes so easy to him.  He has actually worked in the computer industry since before there were personal computers in every office and home.  Yet,  I on the other hand am a one trick pony.  I use the computer for blogging, word processing and crafts. I was running a computer system that was easily 20  years behind the times.  None of my programs are compatible, most cannot be upgraded.  I felt like a dinosaur.., computer extinct!

 But...Here I am,  I'm doing it.  I down  loaded my photos.  WHAT!? NO MORE PICASA!? ( It was so easy to blog from Picasa.)
 I will learn.  This is so much faster than the old computer, and it's not even brand new but a refurbished one.

I so appreciate all the hard work my dearest put into making this as painless for me as he possibly could. You, my dear are the very best!  Love you so.

Now, the real problem I am having, is seeing.  I broke my glasses, or should I say my glasses broke on me.  The news is that I will get my glasses back in two weeks,(NO I DON'T HAVE A SPARE PAIR).and that they have to go to DENMARK, where they are making me a new pair.  I had no idea that they were fancy pants, though the cost should have sent up a red flag now that I think of it.  Having little experience with prescription glasses, I thought I'd leave it to the professionals.  Can you say trusting with a smidge of knucklehead?  I hope my glasses have a happy journey and a safe flight. Until then it's back to readers, and my eyes are not having it.  First question to my "support tech"... How do you change the font size!?

Thanks for stopping by and for your kindness always.  Enjoy this beautiful day.


Melanie said...

Penny, you are so cute! I didn't realize you had been blogging from an old computer system. I didn't even know one could blog from Picasa, lol! I've never even used that. I write my blog and upload the photos right from Blogger itself. Very easy-peasy. I could always come over and help you, if you want. All my computer knowledge has been self-taught. I've even gotten rid of malware and viruses on my own. Woot woot! lol

I have never heard of glasses having to be sent to another country to be repaired or replaced. Where in the world did you get them from?! I would be in BIG trouble if I broke my glasses and didn't have a back-up pair. I'm as "blind as a bat". Sending you hugs...and hope to hear from you soon! I just wrote a post about Tim's graduation, if you care to take a look.

Lynne said...

I am proud of you . . . quite an accomplishment to learni how to navigate on a new system.
Not happening from me, I can't seem to figure out anything on my Windows 10.
So frustrating!
Will you teach me . . .

And your glasses, why did they have to send them so far away to be fixed?.

Barbara Lilian said...

Good for you, technology doesn't come easy to me either. and it's no use me asking my Mr France for any help as he only uses his laptop to read the newspapers on line so I'm self taught. I have not upgraded to windows 10 as I've heard grumbles from so many dissatisfied people complaining and wished that they had left well alone, so I still have windows 7 on my laptop and I'm still able to use Picasa to work on for effects on my photos I'm really happy about that as I had heard that it was finishing in April. hope you get your glasses sorted soon. Did you buy them from a company on internet and that's why they have to be returned to Denmark ?