Monday, May 9, 2016

Around the House

Hand thrown pottery plate, a work of art.
 This is a test of the English Valley Broadcasting System.  Honey has set me up with a computer that is actually not run by squirrels.  It is a learning curve that will take me some time to conquer.These are a few photos from recent thrifting and some crafting.
A scarf for my new gypsy grandma look. 

I am a sucker for  a pricey napkin.
I had to add a little rose to cover a rust spot.

A fern for the front porch.

I am getting on the succulent craze bandwagon, but in paper since I am not able to keep a real one alive.
A hundred or so pieces...maybe two hundred...
To make this lovely.  It's a kit from the Paper Source.
My white lilacs scent the whole first floor with springtime.

Whew, When I get my old keyboard and mouse back this might be easy!  Thanks to my sweetheart, for everything, what a guy!

Speaking of my guy, He's been very sick with pneumonia.  Knocked him down for almost two weeks.
Kept us from  the rest of the family for Mother's Day since Kris was really sick with strep and we couldn't chance Grandpa getting sick again.  Still just the two of us had the nicest day, and we will celebrate together very soon.  More on our weekend, when I try this without my "technical support".

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy this beautiful day.


Lynne said...

Sounds like SICK arrived for Mother's Day . . .
I hope everyone feels better soon. . .
White Lilacs and fragrance . . . oh my!

Debby said...

Love your finds and you paper crafts. Hope your hubby feels better soon. Happy spring.