Monday, July 18, 2016

Summer Travels

 We went to a rummage sale in a nearby town.  A town we drive through on the main road but never venture into.  When  I saw the signs for a rummage sale, we went on an "explore" and found the town to be charming  and old. I found a few things at the sale for our babygrand and a depression glass bowl for me.  This building in the town is so cool.  Was it a post office?  A store?  I need to do a little research and get back to you.
 On Saturday we went to Blumen Gardens in Sycamore, Illinois.  We had visited once before when Jon and Charlotte were searching for a wedding venue.  I took this photo of a" kind old man",against this beautiful old door. ( That's what our Penny called Grandpa during our last visit.;-) Grandpa loved it!
 Is there any flower more old fashioned than a single hollyhock?  I remember my Buscia planting them, and my brother Larry and I using them when we played farmers market as 5 and 6 year olds.
 The flowers are tissue thin and the seed pods hold many tiny black seeds. I need to have them in my garden again.
 The grounds sure looked different from our last visit in the very early spring. Everything was green and lush.  A perfect vignette at every turn.
 A romantic setting, cool and inviting.
 The weathered wood, old signage, pots and plants galore!
 Inside the weathered building, so many beautiful things...I love the look of the blue glass in the window.  I need wider windowsills at home.  Every window would have a blue jar or two or three.
 These delicate banners came in all the letters of the alphabet.  It gave me an idea to use vintage hankies with sticker letters for a party or event.  So very pretty.
The windows!  I think I photographed them all.  

I have more photos for another day, of the factory, a large amazing store filled with treasures right next store to the gardens!

How is your summer going my friends?  Ours has been interesting.  We have been making summer memories with our girl, preparations for a shower and a wedding that is less than 100 days away! 

On a personal note... I think I found a dress!  I hate to shop for clothes. (especially in an underwire bra and spanxs!)  I found a dress on line and ordered it in two sizes.  Now in the comfort of my own dressing room, I will spare myself the misery of the in store dressing room.  I hope this will be the one.   My girls all like it, and a certain guy does too. My guy is going to look so darn good too. We went all out and got some sweet clothes and shoes for my sweetheart. (No tuxes, it's a barn wedding)  This 61 year old grandma still wants to look like me for the wedding of my darling son Jon.   I have never been much for makeup,  At my own wedding, 40 years ago, I washed and dried my long straight hair, a friend plucked my eyebrows, I put on mascara, blush and lip gloss. That's my MO to this day.  Except for the eyebrows that I have to LIGHTLY pencil in. I will wear my hair up and hopefully have a good hair day.  Seriously when Charlotte arrives looking all gorgeous and magical, Jon looking so handsome and proud, Kristen and Penny all dressed and splendid, who cares what grandma wears. I really need to be comfortable, or as comfortable as you can be in spanxs! LOL

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy this beautiful day.

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Lynne said...

Looks like a "rummage delight!"
And the dress, spanx, underwire bra story had me giggling . . .
I can fret so of what to wear for an event . . .
I think the "personal dressing room" at home is the best idea ever . . .
You are going to look beautiful Penny . . .
The mother of the groom will be "perky perfect!"