Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Door Into Summer

 A view through the bittersweet arbor. Summer is in full bloom.
Taking the traditional road trips.  This to Galena, IL.  A beautiful drive down Route 20.  America the Beautiful indeed!
 So many memories on this street.  We came the first time when our Mike was just a tyke;-)

 The July 4th weekend was filled with fireworks and fun, concluded with a big family cookout. 
 We also celebrated out baby bird's 8th birthday!  I have to find a more grownup name for her here.  She is the big sister of two now! Still so special to me.
 Always time for a walk on the beach, to clear our heads and just be.
I love this life and the partner I share it with.  I love the long days and the cool nights we've been having.  Grateful for a loving family,  kids I adore, my babygrand...the sunshine in my life and a new baby to kiss repeatedly! Life is good.

Thank you, Amen!

Enjoy this beautiful day.  Penny


babs said...

Ummm...a new baby to kiss repeatedly! Did I miss something?

Lynne said...

Catching up . . . days are flying by . . .
I liked the garden peek through the bittersweet arbor . . .
Beautiful summer days we have had . . .
Get ready for hot and steamy though!