Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Thanksgiving Song

Grateful for each hand we hold
Gathered round this table.
From far and near we travel home,
Blessed that we are able.
Grateful for this sheltered place
With light in every window,
Saying "Welcome, welcome share this feast
Come in away from sorrow." 
Father, mother, daughter, son
Neighbor, friend and friendless;
All together everyone in the gift of loving kindness. 
Grateful for what's understood,
And all that is forgiven;
We try so hard to be good,
To lead a life worth living. 
Father, mother, daughter, son,
Neighbor, friend and friendless,
All together everyone, let grateful days be endless. 
Grateful for each hand we hold
Gathered round this table.-Mary Chapin Carpenter 
Dear Friends, Taking a moment from preparations,
to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. 
Among my blessings I count many of my friends I met here
through blogging.  
Thank you for your friendship and kindness.  I am grateful.
Enjoy this beautiful day.

Love, Penny

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