Monday, November 14, 2016

Weekend Update/Thrifting and other stuff

The last week was hard, for many reasons I won't go into here.  When the going gets tough, I get crafting.  It is my therapy.  Christmas carols, Hallmark Christmas movies and walks, long walks.  We had our date night on Friday, watched the fireworks at the fancy pants mall and walked and window shopped in the cold.  I painted this sign, and did some crafting for our annual auction.  I sewed and cut 60 plus hearts for our service project.  I find that my hand is not 100% yet and payed the price with an aching and stiff hand for a couple of days. Thank God my hand works, and I can do everything I need to, just at a slower pace.
 We did some thrifting.  A local parish has a thrift store and they have great stuff.  We have been talking about bar stools for our island.  Penny, our babygrand likes to sit and talk with me while I cook, but the backless stools we had made her wobble, with some close calls.  We needed stools with backs. We found these, like new for $22.50 a piece.  They are heavy and strong, swivel and match the chairs I have in the kitchen pretty closely.  The teddy is for our girl.  With the Hallmark tags still on him and a price of $3.00, he had to come home with us.
 His buttons are bears!
 This I found at Goodwill.  Beautiful cross stitch, with a pretty fall print back.
 Can you Imagine all the work involved.  I always always think of the person that made this and all the other handmade things I've rescued from the thrift. OMGoodness...
 You cannot buy 2 skeins of floss for the price I paid for this treasure.
 I found a few Christmas items, this I walked away from twice, but it kept calling me back.
 This angel will get a makeover.
 I officially have a collection of these pine cones.
 This chair seat will end up on my shed, if my shed makes it through another winter. ;-)
 Sending out a big thank you to the patient and talented soul who made this.
 Couldn't be happier with how the kitchen looks with our improvements.
 Bring on the holiday guests!
 On my calendar this month. Grateful grateful heart have I.
 I found this fabric for our pillowcase project.
 My last thrift find is a Pottery Barn pillow.  I really get excited when I see that tag.
 I found it online for $29.00.  Perfect for my living room this Christmas.
 Have you ever seen a business with the front window full of geraniums flowering in the dead of winter.  I have never tried to keep one alive, until this year.  The ones in the yard are still in bloom, but this one I brought inside.  Low and behold...
It's blooming!~  It really doesn't take much to make me very happy.

Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kindness always.  Enjoy this beautiful day.

Love, Penny

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Lynne said...

Thrift scores many . . .
Wow . . .
It must be an art for you finding all those extra special items . . .
The bear, turkey cross stitch, bar chairs . . .
and more . . .