Monday, December 5, 2016

December Snow

I rarely use red at Christmas, but this year that pop of color called to me.
You'll see it outside and in my kitchen this year.
 Oh how I wait for snow each year, for the cold crisp air, the magical flakes to appear.  On Sunday, that's just what happened.  The flakes came down and continued all afternoon.
My spruce tops in an old tool carrier.

 We are so fortunate to live just across the road from beautiful forest preserve.  It is where the Canada geese hang out.  We were alone and slowly drove through, admiring the beauty of nature.
 It looked like a winter dream.
 In the summer cars go in and out all day and through the evening.  Time for these natural spaces to get a winter's rest.
 All the paths were empty...
except for the geese.
 There is  no place like home, and as much as I love to be outside during the snow, inside is pretty cozy.
 I set the table using stuff from around the house.  After looking at the photo, everything except the silverware and dinner plates are thrifted.  (The dinner plates, with a hobnail trim are Pottery Barn look a likes from the dollar store)  My dearest fell asleep and when he woke up there were more decorations up and more lights hung. .
That's a storybook view out of our living room windows.  

With less than 20 days till Christmas, I have work to do.  Sitting quietly at home for the snowy afternoon was just what we needed.  Now to start a busy week.

On Friday, our Guild is being honored with a luncheon by the mental health center
 that we help support.
Together, the women of Guild One work throughout the year on many service projects, but being recognized in this manner is very humbling.  We just had our own Christmas party that included a small auction.  All the money we raise goes back into the community.  It is because of our own Service Project Coordinator Jean, that we are able to help so many.  Jean's work behind the scenes, along with her husband Tom,  make it possible for us to do so many good things throughout the community. Jean is my dear friend and is an example of kindness personified.  Thank you Jean and Tom for all you do.  I am so proud to be part of this wonderful group of women,
 and to share this honor with my sisters.  

Unlike our party, when I didn't take a photo, I will be sure to have a story with photos next week of our fancy luncheon.
Thanks so much for stopping by, and for your friendship.
Enjoy this beautiful day.
Love, Penny 

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Lynne said...

Nothing like the first snow of the season . . .
So peaceful . . . beautuful . . ,
(I am doing "red pops" this year too!)
Blessings . . ,