Thursday, December 1, 2016

Merry December

 I love December.  I love cozy nights at home.  Decorating and fussing about the house.  I love seeing how other people decorate.  Lights, I love lights.  Just 23 short days to get it all together.  I never think everything will get done, but it always does.  I think that's really the holiday magic;-)
 This is at our local nursery.  We came by to get some spruce tips and inspiration.
 They never fail to impress.
 Everything is beautifully done and perfectly arranged.
 A model railroad group set up a awesome display back in the greenhouse.
 Cozy homes next to the tracks.
 Here is the Ladybug train.
 Even a yellow dog!
 Isn't it beautiful?
 The farm...
 and the circus came to town.
 The next day we visited The Grove with our baby grand.  She is part gazelle, and loves to RUN.
 At a craft show there, she loved everything.  Here she is tucking in all the sock monkeys with a kiss.  She is the sweetest girl.

 Growing like a weed, our girl, and she is so much fun.
We had to take her to the nursery to see the trains and she loved them.
Just a short story that made me laugh...
When I was seven I was hit by a car.  I was running to our local playground with my brother and our friend, and bolted out of the alley and across the street.  I was knocked to the ground, but got so scared that I wet my pants and ran home...the poor man that hit me right behind.  I told my grand daughter about it as a cautionary tale...and she laughed because I wet my pants.  
So we were hanging around this weekend and Penny tells me that at the playground she was standing "in the tower" with her friends, and told them all about how her grandma got hit by a car and wet her pants!  They all had a good laugh and enjoyed it so much they asked for Penny to tell the story again. I asked how many kids she told this story to, she said just a few...maybe seven.  Time+ grand daughter, makes grandmother's trauma, comedy. I love that girl.
 Here is the mantle that Penny helped me paint, decorated for Christmas.  
 Pottery Barn sells the signs.  I bought them last year and love the way they look, classy!
 I didn't buy a thing, I had all the paint for the wall and tile...and I shopped the house for anything silver for the mantle.
 pine cones...
Mercury glass... More holiday magic if I may say so myself.

Two posts in a week?  I know, it's a miracle.
Thanks for stopping by and enjoy this beautiful day.

Love, Penny


Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

Your home looks lovely, Penny! I agree that December was made for cozy nights at home. What do you think of this snow? Your granddaughter is awesome:) xo Kathy

Lynne said...

Everything looks so beautiful . . .
I love the lights and shadows . . . .
The yellow warm glow is very inviting!
"Wet Pants" Story telling by Penny . . . gave me a huge smile