Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The First Day of the Year

 We spent the first day of the new year in the woods with about 300 people.  We were celebrating the Winter Solstice at Somme Woods on Northbrook, Illinois.
 Everyone meets each year, (this year was delayed by frigid weather) on the shortest day of the year.
 So many people gathered because of the warmer temps and clear skies, making it a much more comfortable and enjoyable celebration.
 A falconer was there with his beautiful one year old hawk.
 This year the parade through the woods was lead by the wonderful bagpipe player Marty, (you may remember the story about Marty playing just for me and my sweetheart alone in the woods our very first Solstice celebration.  It was magical and one of my all time most favorites moments.) young and old carrying these beautiful banners with drawings of woodland creatures.
 They were amazing, drawn just on corrugated cardboard.
 So much fun!
 There is also a drummer.  It is the coolest thing to walk into the forest behind all this.
 There's the moon, really these were works of art. No they did not burn them, thank goodness!
 The fire is made with invasive trees cut down by volunteers.  They were stacked about 15 feet high.
From the time they start the fire to the time it goes up in flames is minutes.
 I was hiding behind my hubby.  The heat is so hot that you start close
 to the fire and then have to back away.

A tremendous way to start off the new year.  Marty walked out of the woods, just as we were leaving.  He started to play, so we walked behind him enjoying the parade back to our car.
Life starts again with the beginning of the year.  The days grow longer and the light returns.
We really do live our life through the seasons, and this is the first of many traditions we hold dear.

Happy New Year, Peace on Earth.
Enjoy this beautiful day.
Love, Penny

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Lynne said...

Now that looks and sounds like a wonderful tradition!
The woods, the music, the sounds, the burning . . .
Great post and images Penny . . .