Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February Love

 February, that lovely month that bridges winter, to the hope of spring.  I've been making some Valentine hearts with Tim Holtz embellishments.  My hands just are not what they used to be.  I love hand sewing, the zen like feeling of pulling a needle through fabric again and again.  Unfortunately since I dislocated my finger last year, sewing takes it's toll and my finger and hand ache after a day of sewing or any repetitive work.  Old age plays a part too. ;-)
 Instead of blanket stitching around all the hearts, I took them to the machine for a zigzag stitch and they still look lovely.  The embellishments each have a thought...I hope my friends each find one that touches their hearts. (They hearts were cut from a thrifted placemat.)
 These are the vintage style Valentines I made last year.  Just can't get past the vintage shabby chic look.  It might be here to stay, at least for me.
 In times of trouble or distress, (and didn't we all have plenty in January?) I find solace in small projects, my home and especially my dearest and my family.

 I an living the very life I imagined as a girl.  Being a wife and mother and now the pure joy of grand mothering. I am very grateful.

Had our babygrand for several days as Kristen was traveling for work. Since Grandpa is working, it was Penny x 2 time.  From making the bed in the morning to story time at night we were very busy. We walked out in the cold and snuggled under covers inside. Shopping for our fairy garden, visits with Uncle Mike and Amanda and Uncle Jon.  Topped off with a visit from the cousins.  That's where Grandma is sometimes called Auntie Penny, by Penny, just for fun.

This is a fairy garden that the cousins all worked on yesterday after an impromptu afternoon and evening together.  Elizabeth came for a visit with the girls and stayed for dinner and a few Fixer Uppers.  The girls played and pretended.  Even brother Greg came by for dinner.  Nothing fancy, Penny asked for baked ziti.  There was plenty for all and even a castle cake the girls decorated for Valentine's/Christmas.  Yes Santa made an appearance on the cake as did ginger bread men.  We never did get around to making the Christmas castle this year, so the Valentine castle was born. (Photos are all on my phone... imagine an explosion in the Wilton aisle at Michael's ;-)
Valentine's Day will be here before you know it, and so will our February birthdays.  Mom's was on the 3rd, I'll be 62 this month, (What the ...How in the heck? ;-)  Doug has a big birthday this year and Jon Jon ends the month with his birthday. We hope to celebrate together sometime this month.
 Little touches here and there.  I didn't even open a box of decorations I have in storage.
 Just a candle from Christmas in a hurricane, some thrifted roses and a bunny just waiting for spring.
 I need green this time of year, even if it isn't real.
 I have a disappointing Amaryllis.  Just green shoots, no flower stem.  Last year the flower stem almost grew while I was watching.
 Faux roses are a sure thing.
 My geranium I brought inside is flourishing but no blooms.  Considering we have had the cloudiest
January, it's no surprise.
 I also get my flower fix from this lovely embroidered pillow I thrifted.

The red touches I added for Christmas seem just right for Valentine's Day too.

Other projects will have to wait.  Grandma is pooped and company is coming soon.  Thanks so much for stopping by, for your friendship and kindness,

Enjoy this beautiful day.
Love, Penny


Lynne said...

Good Morning Miss Penny . . .
The simple things keep me grounded these days . . .
A walk in the snow, book after book, a bit of knitting,
cuddles with ten pounds of fluff Snickers,
quiet evenings with Mister Irish,
painting days with the Wee Artist,
great grands birthday number one,
watching the birds flitting about at the feeders . . .
just to name a few.
Sorry about your limits with your hand . . .
I get that . . . amazing how one compromised finger
can change the entire working of ones hand!
Pretty little hearts you have made . . .
and precious days you create with granddaughter Penny and nieces.
Happy February . . .
I am sure you will be Giving Love each day . . .
I care about you . . .
With Love,

Amy at love made my home said...

Your hearts are beautiful!