Monday, February 13, 2017

Sunny Monday

Feels so good to wake up to a sunny day.  We had a busy week and weekend.  A bake sale at Church, a visit to our grand daughter to deliver some Valentine gifts, a quiet sunny Sunday, capped off with watching the Grammy's.  (Oh Adele...She is so talented, wonderful and confident.  Imagine, stopping a live performance, to get it right.  I just admire her so.)
 First off, we stopped at a thrift I haven't visited in a while.  There on the fabric rack was this quilt top.  Neatly folded with a tag that said $4.99.  I asked my dearest to help me unfold and inspect it...
 OM Goodness...One hundred and thirty two hand pieced blocks!
Someone, somewhere, toiled hours and hours...maybe weeks, maybe months, hand sewing each block.  How did it end up at the thrift?  It makes me so sad to find some one's labor of love sold for pennies.  I can't tell you how often I find handmade baby quilts, crochet and knitted afghans, sometimes with a tag...made by grandma... Sometimes I sadly walk away.  I can't save them all. (Though my daughter might say I've tried.;-) This time I am thrilled to have this treasure.
See how each block is hand sewn, then machine sewn to the gingham.  My friend Maureen has a quilting business.  She uses a long arm machine to quilt, and this orphan quilt top will have a new life. Sending out thanks to the person who made this quilt. Your work is beautiful, fabric choices wonderful.  I will cherish it.
 I have no success making a cake in a mold like this, but boy, isn't it cute?  Can't help thinking about spring.
 Found these little ornaments for a Springtime Easter branch.
 This is the second bunny planter I've found.  They will be so sweet planted with wheat grass.
 Pink Peonies.  I actually planted a pot with pink peonies last year.  Not sure how they will do this spring.  This pot is from Home Goods.  Of course I found it at the thrift.  These blooms with end up in a vase, and for the cost of one bloom at the Hob Lob.
Here's a few photos from our bake sale.  The tables were beautifully decorated by a sweet and talented woman named Lydia. This was before the last Mass.  The tables were packed for Saturday night and Sunday morning. I made four cakes and heart shaped brownies. I think we all did well. All proceeds go to making our service projects in the community possible.
 Isn't this beautiful?
 Lydia went all out to make the tables lovely for our sale.
 A few of my dear Guild sisters.
I am posting some photos from a guest photographer.  She is new at photography, but has a promising career ahead of her. This is her bear, Elsa.
 A close up of her doll.
She has big blue eyes just like the photographer, Penny, my grand daughter.

Thanks so much for stopping by and for your friendship.
Happy Valentine's Day to you with love from me!
Enjoy this beautiful day.
Love, Penny


Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

Beautiful quilt, Penny! I have had to stop buying Easter stuff because I have way too much (perhaps I need to purge?)! I'm sure your baked goods were yummy. Oh, and I made a bunny cake one Easter with a similar pan. Pain in the butt:) Happy almost spring! xo Kathy

Amy at love made my home said...

The quilt is lovely isn't it, I am sure you will treasure it!

Lynne said...

Quilt was an "amazing tender felt find" . . .
I had never watched the Grammies . . .
Until this past Sunday eve . . .
Musicality of all kinds . . .
Happy ❤ my friend . . .

Connie said...

That quilt top is a very special find and very pretty too. I am a first time visitor to your lovely blog. I enjoyed my visit and have just become your newest follower. I do hope that you with visit me back. I love making new blogging friends.
Connie :)