Monday, May 15, 2017

How I Missed Two Vintage Shows, But Had a Great Weekend Anyway...

 I couldn't wait to go to the Vintage Show at The Grove.  Last year we went and never got into the show.  We were directed to go to a parking lot a 1/4 mile away, to wait for a shuttle, which turned out to be a school bus.  There was no way we were getting on a school bus.  This year we left early and were waved into the Grove.  Relief, we were in at 9:07!  Then the parking attendant told us to leave and park at a local hotel parking lot,this lot was for handicapped parking only.  The show started at 9:00!  We left.  We headed back towards home but stopped at a garage sale on the way.  I found the great tablecloth pictured above,  Linen... (and met a wonderful woman named Sue who is moving to Arizona and has to lighten her load.)
 The little canvas,
 which matches my vignette in our foyer perfectly.

 This tablecloth, vintage, cotton with some wear and tear but beautiful,
... and the cross stitch kit that I may never do, but hubby said I had to have it.  It's our thing, the seasons!
I spent less than the admission price we would have spent on the show.  The crate came from a sweet woman's garage sale closer to home named Nancy.  I fell in love with this old crate, and my dearest found this cool drying rack.
 Two really great picks at bargain prices.
 Later we tried to go to the Pepper Road vintage show.  Close enough, and a totally different venue than the Grove sale, but with the same parking problem.  No signage, cars we parked along the roads and all around the industrial park it was located in.  Maybe we are just too old to hike a mile, or too cautious to park illegally.  Anyway we got back on Northwest Highway and headed for home.
We had company coming for a Mother's Day barbecue.  I had prepared almost everything ahead of time, and son Jon took over the grill.  We had a great evening, a bonfire with smores.  All the kids were able to come and linger.  We stayed outside still the stars were out.  We saw bats flying and a very bright star.  Our resident astronomer told us it was too bright to be a star, it must be a planet.  I looked it up, Penny was right, it was Jupiter! Penny called me the best Grandmother in the universe as we strapped her into her car seat.  SIGH...  Having all my kids laughing and hanging out together is the best gift. I posted on Kristen's facebook page that I love being her Mom and Jon's Mom and Mike's Mom, but being a Grandmother is the best job in the world. (and no parent teacher conferences!)
I found this frame at a thrift store for a couple of bucks.  A project piece.  More on that at a later date.
 Sunday was a visit to the cemetery.  I cleaned up my Buscia's gravestone.  I wanted to bring a knife and a brush but forgot.  We cleaned it with a snow brush and ice scraper we had in the car.  We owe everything to my Buscia.  She came alone to the US, so brave.  She started our family with our grandfather and with her 4 children.  I promised to return in August for her birthday to complete the job. (I once swore to my Mom that I would never be hanging around a cemetery, but there I was, sitting on the grass, tearing away sod with my bare hands.  When my Mom was young they brought picnic lunches as they decorated the graves.)
We of course stopped by my Mom and Dad's resting places.  (graves is SO final) We always fall into this one sided dialog, telling Mom and Dad the family news and how much they are missed.  The tears always come, but my honey is there to comfort me.  It's a bittersweet day.  So grateful for my Mom, so grateful for my children and now my granddaughter.

The rest of Sunday was a beautiful ride, way up Milwaukee Avenue all the way to Wisconsin.
So much has changed in the 40 some years since we've been headed up north this way.  There are still familiar spots, but not much open space like when we were young. We've been having Sunday drives since we were dating.  Still my favorite thing to do with my favorite guy.

Kristen a wonderful Mother, spent the day with Doug and Penny.  Jon and Charlotte enjoyed a day with absolutely nothing to do and Mike and Amanda went out for breakfast and visited friends in the evening.  I really liked this Mother's Day Eve thing we did.  Maybe it will become a tradition.

Thanks so very much for stopping by and for your friendship.
Enjoy this beautiful day.

Love, Penny

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Lynne said...

I think even with no parking places,
no vintage shows . . .
you filled a weekend up perfectly fine
with "some bargain finds"
and a 40 year repeat Sunday ride with your sweetie . . .
Happy Mother's Day "Days" Penny . . .