Monday, May 22, 2017

In The Garden

 "Nature never did betray the heart that loved her." - William Wordsworth

After a windy wet and cold several days the sun came out and I felt the need to get into the garden.
I purchased just a few plants, and plan to plant plenty of seeds.
 These look like mini foxglove.
 tiny zinnias...
 the bees and hummingbirds love them.
 Last year I started a ivy wreath with cuttings from a garden in Michigan and additional plants I bought.  I thought it might survive the winter, but ...
not a speck of green.
A project that I will enjoy, even if only for the season.

A local store has geraniums for .49 each.
They grew quickly last year,  and I love the light pink flowers that fill the plant all summer and through the fall.

 This plant I wintered over in the house.  It flowered in February and through the early spring.  Now outside, no buds yet but lush foliage.
 Other plants for our fairy garden.
 A little bit of the ground cover is coming back and will soon fill the bowl with the creeping charlie, or is it jenny?
 The lily of the valley is still blooming.  Oh the amazing scent.
 A garbage picked birdbath.  The robins love it.
 This gazing ball from years ago.  I glued pennies all over it, and there are still quit a few that have hung on.  Aleene's Tacky Glue!

 The roses have set buds.  I don't expect the river of roses w had last year.
 The endless summer hydrangea.  I hope for a few blooms after last years terrible showing.
 A bee balm that has to go into the ground.  From a neighbor's garden.
 Only one milkweed.  I will sow some seeds today in a sunnier part of the garden.
 I still have old canes to cut back,
 and weeding continues.
 Some rose mallow that hasn't been in this garden for a few years volunteered.
 Oh my peonies.  The anticipation!  I look out the window just waiting.
 Those buds, waiting for the right moment to thrill.
 My Annabell hydrangea.  It is enormous.  I will have hundreds of blooms.
 This angel has been a part of my garden for at least 20 years.
 These ducks used to be brightly colored.  I like them better now weathered and washed.
 It's the little touches I love.
 and my big bottle tree.  Impressive for someone who does not drink wine.
 A real oasis from the world, our deck and yard.
 Our maple that was just a baby when we moved in.
 It's peaceful, and clears the mind of worry.
The sound of running water is the perfect background.  
Alexandra Stoddard says, "The more we expose ourselves to all of these magical happenings (in the garden) the more we revere life."
Here we are, the happy grandparents with our babygrand at her birthday party this Saturday.  She had a "stinky sock" party at a jump and play kind of place that smells like stinky socks.  We did not stay but delivered the cupcakes and favors.    The sparkle in her eyes and the smile on her face was so beautiful.  Penny had the very best time.  Later we face timed and she open her gifts.   Could we be any more in love?  Five years old this week.  Penny has filled our lives with so much fun and excitement but especially love,  Happy Birthday Penny!

"As I grew older, I thought the best part of my life was over
then I had a grandchild
and realized
the best part of my life had just begun!"  
Author Unknown

Thanks for stopping by and for your kindness.
Enjoy this beautiful day.
Love, Penny


Lynne said...

Sweet post Penny . . .
Don't you love it when it is time to pull out all the gardening utensils
and all "the pretties" we put in place from year to year.
I enjoy that part.
Soon the Annabelles will bloom and grace us with those huge white flowers.
Did your Iris bloom . . . ours are just beginning to open.
Happy Birthday Penny, #5 is a special day to celebrate

Debby said...

Pretty blooms.
Happy birthday to pretty Penny.