Monday, July 17, 2017

Camp Grandma and Rainy Day Fun

 When Mom and Dad go out of town, it's time for Camp Grandma and Grandpa to open for the summer.  First Stop, Lake Michigan.
 The perfect time, sunset.  The Lake is so high, most of the beach is underwater,  but it doesn't matter to our girl who loves the waves, the sand and the sun.
  I wonder how many times I've taken this same photo of sunset at the beach.  I'll never get enough.
 Our girl is tremendously romantic and has great imagination.  She has a vocabulary of someone much older.  Penny told me she saw a YouTube video of a "grown woman" who had a American Girl doll and all the accessories.  Then she looked at me and asked, quite seriously,  "Coincidence?"  Well it's all I could do to keep from doubling over with laughter.  She heard that phrase somewhere and though she'd throw it in for emphasis.  Oh that girl!

 So many families...and the Moon rose while the Sun set.
 Pure joy at the beach.  We even caught part of a concert where our girl danced up a storm.
Day one was the best weather day.
Penny the photographer gave me a prop to pose with.
 The rest of the days were cloudy, rainy and even monsoon days.  The skies opened and it didn't stop raining. There is flooding everywhere in the northern suburbs of Chicago.  Some people lost their homes, many with several feet of water in their basements. The rain came off the roof in a waterfall.  Penny and I were home alone, Grandpa at a meeting.  I was scared, but knew as Grandma I should be brave. We did crafts and watched movies.  I prepared Penny for the chance that we might lose our power.  She was fine with that, "we can light some candles and read a book."  We were fortunate.  The power stayed on and the sump pump kept up with the rain.
Here is my flower picture, note the flower petal butterflies.
 By the end of the week we were able to get back out to the garden.  We picked flowers to make flower pictures, something I saw an artist do on a PBS show.
Penny added this sweet drawing of us on her flower picture. 

Even the left overs were gorgeous.
We played cards, pretended, crafted.  Penny cleaned her room, made pillow forts, watched PBS and caught up on all her favorites, like Daniel Tiger.  We snuggled at night, read stories.  Grandpa even brought back a blast from the past, a character he made up for stories when our kids were small, Zeke the Armadillo.  Penny loved it.  When Penny is here our home buzzes.  She always has a Great Idea! Though we are pooped by the end of the day, seeing that sweet face before we close are eyes is the best.   She really is magic and love and fun. Especially love.

When it was time to take Penny home we had a 5 hour round trip. (usually one hour one way)  Roads were closed due to the flooding, all open roads were backed up for miles.  Penny was a trooper with the stop and go traffic, but just a half block before home she was sick. (Taking after her grandma, I still get carsick in stop and go traffic.)  We were so sad to have her go home and still miss her like crazy cakes.  We look forward to at least one more Camp Grandma before school starts.  KINDERGARTEN! Where has the time gone?

 Some scenes for the garden...Dad's old minnow bucket filled with Zinnias...
 Delicate pink but sturdy coneflowers.

 A few thrifted things for our girl.  The unicorn is from the Land of Nod, still with the tag.  Grandpa found the Barbie movie.
 This brass candle holder with a 5 cent candle.  That's my beautiful Mom in the photo.
 This is a card I purchased in the UP, later to find out that Amanda's Aunt Mary took the photo.  Hollyhocks!
 These are some gifts from my sweet daughter Kristen from a cool shop in NY.  Funny she bought me licorice.  In the UP there is a large Finnish community and licorice is a big thing.  I purposely didn't buy any when I was there.  It is my Kryptonite...  I like it better than chocolate or any other candy.
 Oh, I almost forgot...our cherry tomatoes are starting to ripen.  Penny wasn't here to pick the first ones, but there are plenty more to come.

We had a great relaxing weekend, a little driving, a little thrifting and a great concert in neighboring Long Grove.  The artist, fiddler April Verch put on a great show.  She fiddles and step dances, playing bluegrass, regional Canadian and American old timey tunes.  We enjoyed the music very much on a perfect summer evening, cool breezes and kinetic sculptures spinning...  and free to boot!  We purchased one of her Cd's and one from another artist that accompanied her.  I'll try my step dancing while cleaning the house. ;-)

 These sculptures are amazing.
Speaking of amazing...
He is.

Enjoy this beautiful day.
Love, Penny


Amy at love made my home said...

what a great time you had! Glad that you were safe from the storms even if the journey home wasn't so good. Enjoy some relaxing time to yourself now!

Lynne said...

Aren't granny days and camp days wonderful . . .
So fast they fly by though . . kindergarten alredy.
Loved the, "coincidence" comment.
Beautuful flowers
Lovely happenings
Happy grand
Wonderful grandparents
Loved this post!