Thursday, July 6, 2017

4th of July Holiday in the UP

Big Flag, popular in all states we visited.
 We headed up, way up,  to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to meet Amanda's family and see the town, check things out for the wedding next year.  We met at the campground, ground zero for all things 4th of July.  Amanda told us that this holiday is bigger than Christmas for her family.  Everyone gathers to celebrate.  I was happy to meet Lynett and several of her sisters.  I met Grandma named Sue, sweet children and even a happy baby named Quentin.  Add a couple of friendly dogs, many friends and you have a UP Fourth.
 We played a game where all the prizes are wrapped in plastic wrap into a great big only have till the next person rolls doubles to unwrap and keep your prizes.  Here my dearest fights to find the end of the wrap.  Sometimes it's in a long piece, sometimes short.
 It was a fun introduction to the family.
 Here's Lynett, Amanda's Mom, taking her turn.
 The campground is pretty, with Lake Linden just across the way.
 On this peninsula, you are never far from water.
 With bridges to cross, it reminded me a little of Brooklyn.
 This is the town of Houghton.  Little restaurants, sweet shops.
 Surprisingly busy.
 Even a theater.
 We met Mike and Amanda at one of her favorite spots, The Jam Pot Bakery.  It's run by Monks from the Society of St. John who live and work in this beautiful place up the peninsula.
 The bluest sky I've seen since I visited Colorado as a youth.
 Love these guys!
 I always want to fluff his beard.
 It was a tiny place chock full of wonderful  organic jellies and baked goods. You wait in line till someone comes out, it's that small.
 The Holy Transfiguration Skete in Eagle Harbor.
 They couldn't have picked a more beautiful or tranquil spot to start a monastery.
 All on the banks of Lake Superior

 I didn't go inside, since there was a dress code and I wasn't sure if capri pants were ok.
 The building is beautiful and the surrounding gardens and land magical.

 We followed a path to a beach.  Boy, we are getting old. The way down was treacherous for two old folks with a bad hip and wonky knees.  With the kids help we made it down and stepped on our first ever rock covered beach.  Amanda found several rocks for me, that turned into many rocks.
 My son, my son.
 The rock seekers.
 I would have liked to walk the beach but it was just too difficult to walk on.
(I'm trying to keep a NO FALLS policy this summer, unlike last year when I had a dramatic fall and messed myself up but good!)
 It was so beautiful, the Lake tranquil with just a hint of a breeze.
 I am fond of driftwood, but this was just too big for our car.
 My hubby was willing to try and almost hurt himself trying.
We stopped a little further down the road and found a sand beach.
We spent some time getting some sun while the kids walked to where a band was playing, and for a cool drink.  

 My bowl of treasures. The jelly made by Monks. (We already opened lemon marmalade, Wow, it is delicious.)
 Amanda says there is copper in that rock.
What a great souvenir of a happy visit.
We watched the fireworks at Lake Linden.  Being so far north, it doesn't get dark until after 10:00.
I told Penny it was because we were closer to Santa.  The fireworks started well after 11.  It was a tremendous show that we enjoyed in spite of the cold.  It was 55 degrees!  After waiting in line to get out of the campground and the ride back to our hotel it was really late when we hit the hay.

We enjoyed the long ride up, but not knowing what to expect, and not realizing that Wisconsin is a very big state, (We haven't ventured too much past Green Bay) it seems much longer than the way home.  We missed the parade in town on the 4th, we just couldn't keep up with the kids.  We, well just my driver slept in, but when he got up we both wanted home.  Three trips in  three weeks. About 2100 miles!   I was so glad that we did.  My dearest slept most of yesterday and had a meeting at 7:00am today.  We need a vacation from our vacations. 

Today I got up and started a project I promised for our service projects.  One hundred stamped bags for the mental heath center we help support.  They are stamped with permanent ink and have to dry. Next, watering the garden, it's a hot day here.
So happy to be home, there's no place like it, for comfort, for happiness and love.
Thanks for stopping by and for your kindness always.
Enjoy this beautiful day.
Love, Penny


Lynne said...

That had to be a long ride for you
up Michigan to the UP from Chicago . . .
Will the wedding be there?
One more question, did you find any Petosky Stones?

Amy at love made my home said...

Glad you had a great time! I love your bowl of rocks. The bag stamping looks like a big job, but well worth it.