Monday, June 26, 2017

West Des Moines and Other Stuff

So, I went along on a business trip with my guy, to beautiful West Des Moines, Iowa.  I was very surprised to find a beautiful rolling countryside, very unlike our flat prairie here in Illinois. We have been through Iowa before, but I don't remember it being quite so lovely.
 We had dinner together and visited a thrift store that seemed out of place in the upscale "fancy pants" area we stayed in. (Close to the customer my dearest was visiting.)  It was a day in and day out kind of trip.  I supply the drinks and snacks, witty conversation, (ha) and company for the five an a half hour ride.  No big deal to us, we do a easy six hours in the car on a regular weekend.  Anyway, I crocheted and watched some news and 3 episodes of Fixer Upper, read, I mean really read a magazine (I like the photos) while my favorite computer geek did some business.
 Hopped back into the car and headed home.  So fortunate to have great weather, a dependable car and pleasant company, great tunes.  We listened to the new Beatles station on the Sirius radio.  We are still on a free trial, and let me tell you it's tempting to subscribe.  You can pick the decade you want to hear.  I claim I have no usable brain cells left because all the space is filled with song lyrics, and I can prove it.  I was singing songs I haven't heard in decades!
 We live in such a beautiful world.  The green, the clouds, the sunshine.  I cried at least twice, overcome by the beauty. (it's a combination of beautiful songs, happy memories and gorgeous scenery)
Then we were home again.  

Here are some thrift store finds...
This hand thrown colander will go to Kristen for cherries.
I do have a soft spot for any handmade pottery and it's everywhere.
I'm thinking these mugs will make a great gift with some flour sack towels, a pump soap for the kitchen.
These are from a rummage sale,priced at .25 each.  Those zinc lids are so cool.
This quilt, commercially made but queen sized.  We had a old Christmas quilt in the car, but now we'll have this for picnics and just in know, emergency snuggles.
It washed beautifully.
Penny has claimed this for tea parties.  Our girl is a romantic and loves so many things that Grandma loves too.

Today this will be filled with my hydrangeas.  They are in beautiful bloom, and with the cooler weather will last much longer when cut.

I've been crocheting washcloths and wrapping some fancy soaps as gifts.
Using what I have, and that my friends is so much.
When I saw this come up on my face book feed, I had everything at home including the dies that cut the dictionary paper into the ruffled edge circles. A very talented designer named Ellen Hull posts tutorials, and these lovely flowers are so up my alley.
Starts with a pearl on a wire.  Future DIL Amanda loved these, we'll see if they end up a part of her wedding plans. We are getting close to the one year mark!

This last week  two beautiful baby boys were born.  One of Kristen's friends had an beautiful boy named Henry.  One of my dear pals became a grandmother with the birth of her sweet grandson Aiden.  Babies bring so much happiness to a family, pure joy, that's what children bring to our world.

Thank you for stopping by.
Enjoy this beautiful day.
Love, Penny

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Lynne said...

I enjoyed your post . . .

What day/date were you driving in Iowa with those beautiful clouds?
Jack and I drove from Michigan, on the 23rd, through rush hour, (awful) Chicago traffic,
on our way to my 60th class reunion in Hampton which is in
Central Iowa and then back home again on the 25th.
We missed a "jog" around Waterloo and were almost to Dubugue when we realized it.
But we adjusted and we drove south to get back onto interstate #80.
The sky was filled with fluffy white . . . oh my, scrumptious!
I wonder if we were near each other on the same weekend.

Enjoy seeing your many treasures . . . what fun you have finding things!
And I enjoyed hearing about you singing along in the car as you
listened to the many music selections . . .

The Annabelles are ready to show their beauty here too . . .

Happy fun post Penny . . . you never disappoint!

Enjoy your July 4th holiday days . . .