Monday, August 14, 2017

A Fit of Creativity

 Roses, roses roses were drying all over my kitchen the last year.  Every time I'd buy the $5 bunch at the grocery, I'd try to remember to hang them to dry before all the petals fell off.    While giving my kitchen the deep clean, I put them all in one place and decided that today was the day.  They go as trash or stay as something pretty. Glad I choose pretty.

These spray roses dry very easily, and are so pretty and shabby chic.
I had everything at home.  I used this fabric since it was in the laundry room and I didn't have to go searching for fabric, upstairs or down in the basement.  Mind you, I have just really cleaned the kitchen...junk drawer, refrigerator top, cabinet filled with candle stubs, you get the picture. ;-)
 I was already tired.
 I wrapped the fabric around the Styrofoam wreath,
 then found this moss in my stash.
 a perfect base for roses. Just glued it on.
 Then it was as easy as hot glue.
 Some of the larger roses were from dear Elizabeth, who will be celebrating a birthday this week.
If I haven't said so before, let me tell you, I am blessed to have this wonderful woman as my SIL and
dearest sister and friend.  She will read this...Happy Birthday Betty.  Love you!
 It was that simple.  A little of the moss shows on the side, which is charming.
 So much better than the fate they might have had on another day.
Thank God for creativity.

Spent the weekend with a small wonder, our baby grand.  
 We brought her along for a concert.  She was so good, clapping and cheering Wooo!
All along she was eyeing a little girl on the next blanket.  All along that little girl was eyeing Penny.
The parents of the little girl named Grace, came over and introduced themselves.
It was a match made in heaven.  Best friends made during a two hour concert.
Penny and Grace played with their toys, shared snacks.  Grace shared a glow bracelet.
By the end of the concert they were running together and we left the field with them hand in hand.
It was a beautiful thing, balm for the terrible events in the news of this weekend.
I smiled watching them, and so did other around us.

Thank you for stopping by.
Enjoy this beautiful day.
Love, Penny


Amy at love made my home said...

A lovely way to use your roses!

Lynne said...

Liked your saved/dried rose created wreath . . .
Seeing little grand and new found friend is delightful . . .
YES . . . let's have that kind of JOY and PEACE everywhere in our land.
Love you Penny . . .

Elizabeth Czarkowski said...

Your wreath looks beautiful, as with everything you make . Thank you for the Birthday wishes
Love you Penny 😘