Tuesday, August 22, 2017

As Summer Winds Down

 We had another beautiful visitor to our garden.  He's got one tattered wing, but moved with grace from flower to flower.  
We had a great evening at the Chicago Botanic Garden last Thursday.  Here are some lovely dancers.  The music was great and the crowd danced.  It was one of those horrible news days, where everyone needed an escape.

 This big old rain cloud has followed us all summer, 
whenever we tried to go to one of these concerts.

 The wind blew and the trees swayed but the families came.  
Babies, lots of babies and children so excited to see the band and the dancers.

 Young and old, everyone had a great time, and it never rained.

 Maybe a hundred or more people got up to learn a dance.

So wonderful to see everyone getting along, sharing smiles, dancing in their seats and on the lawn.
The sun set before it was over.  I hate to see the light go.  It's getting dark before 8:00.  Oh how I love those long summer evenings, it's the only thing I dislike about the Autumn when the days get short.

On Sunday, we went to Long Grove for their Vintage Days event.  Mike and Amanda met us there.  I forgot my camera but took some photos with my phone...
and that  is where they will stay until I get some help.
I know how to get them on my computer, but they go to some drop box that I can never find...  
It was so hot that we only stayed for a couple of hours.  I'll try to post the photos, there were some great booths and wonderful artisans.

Monday was the Eclipse.
 We had an accidental Eclipse Party.  My dearest took the day off,  we picked up Kristen and Penny, Amanda and Elizabeth, Lizz and her boys all came by. I made a big bowl of pasta salad, cut up a watermelon, we had cherries and grapes.  Some made sandwiches.  Very casual.  We were going to meet at the park, but the skies were so cloudy we gave up that plan. I stepped out onto the deck and there was a break in the clouds at the perfect time.  Kristen brought some  eclipse glasses and we all took turns seeing the amazing sight. The light was different, and the crickets started singing.  Birds took of to roost.
Nature is miraculous, science is amazing.  What a rush!

 Amanda took some time to snuggle with Henry.
Taken from the TV, we did not have the full eclipse in Chicagoland.
 We also watched all the moments from Oregon to Florida on the news.  I cried so hard after seeing the first eclipse, it was so emotional.  Many others, including my daughter Kris got emotional too.  Penny was awed by what she saw on TV and then by what she saw right outside Grandma and Grandpa's back door.
I had cupcakes that needed frosting and sprinkles.  These two did a great job.
We all had a great time, visiting, talking and laughing. 
 I had some baby time with Henry and fun time with the kids.  
We took Kris and Penny home late in the evening, laughed some more,
 and ended our day with
 a quiet ride home and
some very happy memories.

Thank you for stopping by.
Enjoy this beautiful day.
Love, Penny


Lynne said...

A grand life you have Penny . . .
Love seeing your pics and stories . . .
"Accidental Eclipse Party" sounds perfect.
So awesome wasn't it!
I saw just a sliver on the back side . . .(if that makes sense)
I was volunteering at the hospital . . .
People were in and out all afternoon
Best science lesson ever!

Amy at love made my home said...

Glad you are enjoying your summer!