Monday, October 2, 2017

This Morning

 This morning, as I do every morning, I looked out the window and saw this beautiful sky at sunrise.  We had such a wonderful weekend.  Filled with our girl, our kids, fun, friends and a pizza party.
 Then I looked at Facebook, and my friend Carmella posted, " Prayers for Las Vegas".
 I had no idea what had happened.  The horror of senseless killings, the shock, first thing in the morning.

Today, like too many days when the news is bad and people are suffering, I got busy around the house.  Praying for peace.  Peace, Peace, Peace. Every day is a gift and no days are guaranteed. 

Now, Weekend Update.
 Last week I decided that after 41 years of marriage, we needed to change sides of the bed.
(To make a long story short, my shoulder hurts, and I like to snuggle, but my shoulder says NO!)
This was not a simple feat, just changing pillows and calling it finished.  The whole room was turned upside down and inside out.  Side table needed switching, outlets and chargers unplugged and plugged. Not to mention the dust bunnies, ceiling fan and all the other junk that accumulates.
 I have so much stuff, but so much of it has sentimental value.  This was my Mom's dressing table, on it I have two collections,(I made that pitcher and bowl during my ceramic period.)
 Vanity boxes. My Mom had one that always had Coty face powder in it.  I saw one at the thrift and then, I found another. A collection was born.
 Then there is a small collection of heart shaped boxes and a paperweight.
 A cozy corner.  My Mom's wicker chair, an afghan Mom made, books and doodads galore.
 A Pigpen patch, (Pigpen is always dignified, even as he walks in a permanent cloud of dust.)
 Some art,
 Two of Buscia's tables. I've known these tables my whole life.

 Baby pics of my dearest and me.
By popular demand,  
A photo of Ally the Alligator.
(Jean this one is for you.)

After hours of work, loads of wash and a lot of dust, I was happy with my accomplishment. 
 Later we went to bed.
Thirty minutes later, we were up and changing things around again.
It was like sleeping on the Moon, so strange.
We could not be happy on the wrong side of the bed.
Back to our regular spots and we slept like babies.
Aleeve helps with the shoulder.

 Now a brief ride into the orchard for our annual apple picking.
 This is Penny's third year, and now she's a pro. (and so fashionable)
 Helping Grandpa fill the basket.
 Only the finest tree will do. (Notice Penny's bouncy new do.  They cut off almost a foot of her hair before school started. It was her first ever haircut.)
 The tree with the biggest apples.
 These two are a great team, but sitting on grandpa's head is no way to pick apples.
 The ride is the best part, not the comfortable part for two old folks.

We had hot cider donuts and Penny took a pony ride, again.

We visited a friend's Oktoberfest that evening.  Penny made a friend and we got to see our good friends Dot, Kev, Sue and Ron.  We will be friends 50 years next year, and am the newcomer. Sue and Dot and our friend Sue K. have been friends since kindergarten. Nothing like the company of old friends.

When it was bed time I asked Penny what was her favorite thing we did today.  She said, "Snuggling with you right now." That's the very best part of being a Grandma.

We celebrated dear Charlotte's birthday Sunday with a big green salad and Ho-Made pizza party.  Dessert was Pumpkin mini cheese cakes and apple pie.  Charlotte made Apple bread, Amanda brought cucumber sandwiches and iced tea.  We had a great afternoon together, and everyone went home with leftovers.

Penny made her own pizza!

What a sweet thing to have Sunday with my kids.  
No fuss, just fun.  Good conversations, I love to just listen.
Hugs and happiness, so grateful for the blessing of family.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  
Enjoy this beautiful day.
Love, Penny


Melanie said...

Your bedroom is so pretty! I could never switch sides after all these years either. Even when we sleep in hotel rooms, we sleep on the same sides that we do at home.

What's wrong with your shoulder? Doesn't sound good. Could you have a partial rotator cuff tear? When I had that a few years ago, I couldn't sleep on that shoulder either. You can email me if you need any more info about it. I'm worried about you taking Aleve every night because of the long-term side effects (stomach, heart). Hopefully, this won't be an every night occurrence? xoxo

Lynne said...

I had to laugh right out loud . . .
Changing sides of the bed, I don’t think so . . .
Clean bedroom though!
Great post . . .