Monday, December 11, 2017

A Moment to Breathe

 "To wake up each morning with a Christmas feeling,
to anticipate the day ahead with zest and enthusiasm,
to believe without a doubt that what lies ahead holds
all of your heart's desire--this is drinking of life's sweetest nectar." 
-Francis Cooper Thompson

 I woke up panicked today, so much to do, where to even start.  No time to write, my thoughts going in every direction...Then I took a moment to breathe...literally.  I just decided to take stock.
 We have decorated the outside of the house.  Simple and sweet.

 The house if full of special vignettes.  Some accidental, well really most are accidental.
Everything except the cloche was thrifted...lamp and mirror, candles and candlesticks...
 Churches and trees too.
 My favorite grouping, quite accidental but so serene.  Silent Night.
 A small tree in the living room.  Space it at a premium when the family gathers.
 My buffet, so many pretty things. gifts and treasures from the thrift.
 I put some tiny lights in the demijohn, candles in all the empty houses.
 Sparkles and wax pine cones in a heart shaped wire basket,
 A kissing ball in a sweet cage, teacups in a cloche, both gifts from Elizabeth.
 A candle in a birdbath, also from my dear SIL.
 Simple sparkle.
 Snow and pine cones.
 Lights cheer us on the darkest days of the year.
 Maybe this year my amaryllis will bloom.
 A tree in the little conservatory, more lights, more snow.
 Another gift from a friend long ago.  This creche plays Silent Night and is a favorite of Penny.  As I unwrapped it this year, I looked at Baby Jesus to see that he had been decorated...
 with Hello Kitty stickers.  Here they will stay, unless Penny decides to take them off.   I'm sure that Baby Jesus doesn't mind.  I like to think of a playful, joyful Lord.
 This is a very special place, it's Penny's apartment.  It's behind Grandpa's chair.  One day Penny started to take things from around the house, a photo, lantern, (battery powered) a pillow and blanket, and made a private place to read and pretend.  When I was decorating I put a small tinsel tree back there.  I occasionally move Grandpa's chair but when it's in the corner, I really enjoy when she makes herself totally at home back there.

 Some beads and twinkle lights over the sink.

 A cute sign on the curtains.
 Some Christmas linens on my drying rack.
 An ornament filled salt glazed bowl and Andy watches over the cookie cutters in another.
 My enameled pitcher holds a small tree with a sprinkling of stars surrounding it.
 A quiet spot to watch the fire.
 A new nightgown for Penny and one for her doll too.

We had a happy weekend with a party celebrating my niece Amy and her sweetheart Dennis' engagement.  All my kids were able to attend, but we were missing a few cousins and my brother Tony and  sweet wife Mindy.  Hosted at Larry and Lynette's Chicago home, we were minutes from where we grew up and the Church where my parents were married.  Amy was one of the babies I had the privilege to care for, not so long ago.  At least it seems like yesterday. What a beautiful and sweet woman she has become, and her beau Dennis is a perfect match.  Our family will have a wedding this year and next! My brother Greg and dearest Elizabeth rode with us.  Greg telling such great stories, most of which I had never heard.  Greg told me how he got in trouble with a neighbor boy I remembered.  They rode their bikes on what was to be the Kennedy Expressway, still under construction. How Mom and Dad found out, he didn't say.  I cannot imagine what that was like.  We were driving on the Kennedy as he told the story.  I do not remember a time when there wasn't a Kennedy, but just Googled to find it was called the Northwest Expressway until one week after our beloved President Kennedy was killed, that the name was changed.  Surprised that it stuck.  We don't take well to name changes in Chicagoland.  (Like the Sears Tower being renamed the Willis Tower, sorry , most Chicagoan's still call it Sears.)  It was an happy party and always great to see family and friends from long ago. Loved seeing my kids when I was not cooking and running around. I am so proud of them all and love them like crazycakes! (That's a lot!)

Now after a few more deep breathes, it's two weeks till Christmas, much to do, but I can't wait.

Thanks for stopping by and for your friendship.
Enjoy this beautiful day,
Love, Penny

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Lynne said...

Scrolling through your posts to find a picture of you
and realized I had not seen or commented on this post . . .
So here I am, way after Christmas, into the NEW YEAR
saying . . . OH MY . . . how do you do it ALL girl.
Love all your little lights and candles and houses and stories.
Penny’s corner behind Papas chair is the best!
Happy CHRISTMAS 2017 past and Happy NEW YEAR . . . dear friend . . .