Monday, January 29, 2018

Me and My Shadow

 Saturday brought us to the North Shore past the amazing campus of Northwestern University.
 Wonderful buildings all a stone's throw from the Lake.
 A Lighthouse,
 and our destination.
 We've told our girl about the Children's Garden and that's where she wanted to go. I showed this pumpkin before, it is a sculpture but so realistic.
 We were lucky to find one of the small greenhouses open.  It was really warm inside, so warm that the automatic windows opened as we entered.  This giant scented geranium got a little rub from us to release the lovely scent.
 There was a small herb garden, even some lavender in bloom.

 Some flowering plants brightened up the January chill.
 I loved this old rake holding samples of dried herbs with identifying tags.
 Oh how I wish this mock orange was in bloom.  The scent of orange blossoms is amazing.
 The day was mild, but walking in the garden with the wind, it was still pretty chilly.

 That tree and that clear blue sky says Winter.
 So does the ice on the water,
 and the pines filled with cones.
 For January day, it was wonderful.
 The Bonsai are inside.  On our last visit this hall was filled with Christmas.
 I love seeing these masterpieces of nature and nurture. 
 Imagining the windswept terrain that would result in this tree's shape.  Amazing.
 As we got out of the car at the Garden, our shadows were playing on the parking lot.  I sang the song Me and My Shadow as I moved Penny's arms.  Later as we left one building, we saw a photographer taking photos of someone behind one of these screens.  Penny remembered that and when we came to these, she insisted on doing some of her own shadow work. Grandpa spotted our girl as she changed positions since she had to sit on top of a elevated platform.
 She knows how to move in very dramatic ways.
 Those long legs.
 She loved being my shadow puppet.
We enjoyed an early dinner at a new pizza place.  The place we have been going together closed, so we decided this place is a good one to make new memories.

We had a crafty Sunday.  Plenty of Valentine supplies.  We made cards for each other, Mom and Dad and Grandpa.  Then we got Grandpa involved.  He made the most beautiful card for our girl using stickers.  It brought me to tears for it's sweetness and sincerity.  Grandpa is brilliant with computers, numbers and problem solving, but now his secret creative side came out.  It was fun to have him join us in our arts and crafts time.
 It's wonderful to craft with this creative girl.  She's as excited about craft supplies as I am.
 These are the cards she made for me. So much love!
We still have a couple of weeks to use all of our supplies.
I may need another bottle of glue.;-) 

 Last weekend I found this for $3 at the thrift.  It's a gun rack. This is something I will never need for it's intended purpose.  I have a idea that I actually saw on a blog.  As I finish up the painting,
I'll share what in the world this will become.
One of those just for fun projects.

Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kindness.
Enjoy this beautiful day.
Love, Penny


Jeanie said...

This looks like loads of fun, especially having a crafter in the family! An experience she'll remember forever, I know.

It's been a long time since I've been to Chicago and I don't know why because it's not that far. The garden looks like a fun day and I loved seeing your shadow play.

Lynne said...

Happy crafting days Penny!
Love the shadow play . . .
(I walk with my shadow on sunny days, a good study it is!)

Barbie, our friend Donna and me had a Valentine watercolor/making day yesterday!
I hope Barbie shows you her creating . . .
Oh my! Love, Love, Love . . .

Our Hopeful Home said...

Can't wait to see what you'll do with the gun rack!
oxo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home