Monday, March 12, 2018

First Signs of Spring

 Spring is taking it's sweet time here in Chicagoland.  You have to look hard to see signs of life.
This is my mossy front yard, greening up a bit.  We have a large Maple that makes the perfect environment for moss.
 We had to walk the neighborhood to find other bits of green.
 Pachysandra which is an evergreen but really perks up in early Spring.
Every tiny green sprig was noticed and appreciated.

Even a branch of buds fallen from a tree.

On the inside Spring is happening too.
This is the island in my kitchen.  It holds my mixer, food processor and all my baking supplies.
I painted it at Thanksgiving, just because it needed to be freshened up.  I used some paint that I had on hand.  I never really liked it, but then came the holidays and I let it go.

This is it with a new coat of Annie Sloan, before waxing.

I thought I was finished, but when the sun came out the last door on the left was not waxed.
Waxing protects the finish and tones down the color and the added paint ages the finish a little.
Also makes cleanup of the finish easier when I spill and drip.
I use regular furniture wax with a bit of burnt umber oil paint.
The house reeks for a while but with a couple of windows open, it's 
tolerable.  The pain in the neck of having to open that darn can of wax after I thought I was finished.
I mixed a small quantity and had at it
This is still before.  Imagine the last door is waxed. ;-)
 I owe you a finished project photo. 
 I found this beautiful tablecloth for less than $4 at he thrift. 
 It looks machine made but so pretty.

I have heirloom crochet tablecloths that I would never use outdoors or in my wheelbarrow or other   decorative uses.  This one will serve me well, and lovely too.

 We traveled on Saturday with our son Jon and Charlotte.  They are looking to buy a home.  Things are still up in the air, but the excitement is rising.  More about that as things get settled.

This is our local Reservoir, where we walk in season.  The last time we walked there was late last Autumn. (They do not maintain the path in Winter.)

 It's such a wonderful resource for our neighborhood.

 The track circles the playing fields.

 Our view across the fields.
 Last summer we were thrilled to see a newly installed bench.  Such a pleasant place to rest.
Such a sweet guy to rest with.
 The sky was so beautifully blue.
 So many trees and shrubs.  Pine cones galore!
 That skinny pine tree won my heart.

 Peeking to see the neighborhood beyond,  our first walk of many to come. 

This used to be a steep gravel path that was treacherous for us older folks with bad knees and
reconstructed hips.  Now it's gentle winding paved path, gradually going down to street level.  We love when our tax dollars are well spent.
Home again.

Where the bunnies have taken over.

Just 20 days till Easter, and some warm days predicted for this week.  That I'll believe when I feel it.  It's been cold for March.  I need to start making my grocery list for our brunch.  A few more small home improvement type projects and we'll be ready to go.

This is my 8th year of blogging.  Having all these years of experience has NOT made me a better blogger, but I am so glad that I have kept up the habit of posting, even if it's only once a week.
Maybe one day Penny will want to know about what Grandma was up to...
For me, it's my life...At Home in English Valley.

Thanks so much for stopping by and for your friendship.
Enjoy this beautiful day.
Love, Penny


Jeanie said...

Eight years is a long while, so three cheers! I'm so glad I have discovered you -- and you see, that was just recently!

Chicagoland is looking a little greener (or browner or whatever color we call that) than white Michigan today! I like your view better. But indeed, spring within, and that's terrific!

Lynne said...

Happy Blogging Anniversary Penny . . .
Oh my . . . think of the “visual, written journal” you have created.
One day “little Penny” will love reading back and seeing the pictures.

Nice to see your touches of green, early spring . . .
Wonderful trail for walking . . .

We are still more wintery here, although some warmer days predicted . . .
We awakened this morning to a snowy winter wonderland . . .
Sun came out, snow was gone by noon.
Snowed again late afternoon and we are a snowy wonderland again!

Wishing you more springtime green and a Happy St. Patrick’s Day too . . .