Monday, July 9, 2018

July In All It's Glory

 We planned on power washing the deck before the 4th, then this little guy dropped in.  A tiny milkweed plant came up through the deck and of all the places to lay eggs, a Monarch choose that tiny plant on our very dirty deck.
I covered the plant with a vase as I power washed to protect it.
 To say I am excited is an understatement.  I've grown milkweed for years waiting for this moment. I covered the plant with this chicken wire cloche, just so it wouldn't get stomped on on the fourth.  No problem since everyone stayed in the cool house and never ventured outside.

 FYI, the new ac is wonderful!

 That's how bad the deck looked and how bad I love that guy o mine. I called him on the phone to look out the window.  He had real work to do as I was soaking wet but happily cleaning. I do have a new ailment, Power washing syndrome.  Gripping that handle is rough on this old girl's hand.

 The Aerial America view of our cleaned up deck. Worth every grimy moment.
 That night after all the work we sat in the local park for our town's fireworks display.
Several years ago we were all alone at this park.  Word got out.  It's a great place for the kids to safely run around.  Many families gathered.  The fireworks did not disappoint.

 Mike and Amanda were up north for the 4th, but Kris, Doug, Penny, Jon and Charlotte came for the festivities.  Elizabeth came alone, her guys were working. Elizabeth made the great flag dessert, Penny made the brownies (There was a whole pan of them ;-) and I bought the pie. We had the usual spread, stuff on the grill, spuds, corn, pasta salad, watermelon and too many snacks.
 Penny went around and took some photos. Our lemonade stand,
 a pretty pillow,
 and a basket top.
 Here's our girl wearing a dress her Mom wore once in first grade for photo day.  Mom hated it, Penny loves it.  She said that she felt like a princess in it.
We had our lavender harvest and a bounty of hydrangeas.

 There was no prince this year to parade the Lavender Princess, but we harvested the lavender together.  It smells so good.

 Our little fella is growing.

 We had Camp Grandma, where Penny stays and we DO everything possible.  This was bread in a bag, where you start all the ingredients in a Ziploc bag.  Penny was powered by Pocky a chocolate cookie stick.
We made six delicious loaves.
 Really yummy! 

 Then we made some rice krispie pops for cousin Teya who turned ten this week.  Teya is my beautiful niece I called "my little bird" and spent many happy moments with when she was very young.  Penny and I love Teya, Charlotte and Zoe her cousins who now live far away.  Their visits are reason enough to party, and we do whenever they come home.

We also had some spa time, nails done, feet soaked and massaged.
 Hair and makeup done. Don't forget the earrings.
 One evening there was a special event, A Evening with the Fireflies. (We call them lightning bugs.)
The Forest Preserve was kept open late so we could see all the bugs light up at twilight.  Penny made a friend and they chased bugs as we swatted mosquitoes. 
 Hey!  Some body's sitting in my chair.
 The sky was spectacular just after sunset.  It is always great to get the opportunity to hang out in the forest after dark.  The woman who hosted the event was so kind and her daughter was running with Penny and teaching her about the fireflys. 
We snuggled and laughed and spent time just talking, watching Penny's favorite shows.
Grandpa told funny stories before bed.  Our girl is growing so fast and we are enjoying her so much.
These two, oh my heart!
 We took off on Sunday and went for a long drive.  At a nursery in Wisconsin we saw this so cool line of garden art inspired by Lennon and McCartney lyrics.
 I was inspired, and maybe it will inspire you.  All you need is some wood, some paint and an song. There were posts and planters and art. 
On the way home I remembered that our friends, Sue and Ron aka Peach's Beach Party were performing.  They were at a cool beachfront place, Cabana on the Chain (o lakes).  They were great as usual and they gave us a shout out from the stage, which was sweet.  We had some food and enjoyed the show.  Any day you get to hug an old friend is a great day and I got to hug a few. 

We are kinda pooped from the last few weeks.  My dearest is back to work and I will be too after I finish this post. 

Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind comments.
Enjoy this beautiful day.
Love, Penny  


Jeanie said...

Everything looks wonderful. Fun, happy and pretty perfect! And your little princess is adorable in that dress!

Lynne said...

Wonderful post Penny . . .
Exciting . . .that caterpillar . . . keep a good eye . . .
My oh my, Penny is a pretty little girl . . .
Loved her mommas dress . . . she does look like a princess!