Monday, July 2, 2018

Indy, Rain and Heat

 We started off our week driving to Indianapolis.  Dearest had a meeting and I was his co-pilot.
The rain is following us where ever we go this summer.  It poured while he was gone as I paced our room, crocheted and read.    We actually stayed about 30 minutes outside of Indy in a rural but fancy pants area.  The shopping next to our hotel had all the fancy brands except my favorite Pottery Barn.
Mind you, I rarely shop Pottery Barn, (unless I get a gift card...hint hint ;-) but the inspiration there is priceless.  I actually keep their catalogs as reference material. 
 The hotel was very nice and I was inspired by these lights...more on that at a later date.
 Meanwhile at home we were still without AC.  Have been since right before Memorial Day.  Because we had trips planned, we waited till the end of the month for installation of our new HVAC.
This also called for a major cleaning of the furnace area in the basement.  To tell you the truth, I don't remember the last time I spent anytime cleaning in the space.  Well, I paid the price!  Cleaning, moving stuff, organizing.  Lucky for me, the basement stays cool.  It was a BIG job getting ready for
the demo and installation of our new system.
 The guys came as promised, bright and early.  Two guys spent two days tearing out and installing.  The noise was creepy.  Everything echoing though out the house by way of the vents.
They did a great job.  Took out the old and installed the new.  They cleaned every bit of debris and cardboard box out of the house.  They were also friendly and wouldn't even let us by them lunch.
Ibbotson Heating Co. out of Arlington Heights, IL.  We are very happy and cool and hopefully warm come Autumn.
 Outside the temps were brutal this weekend.  We are grateful, and though this year  of our son's wedding was not the best time to replace the AC and furnace, it seemed silly not to do them both.  We were at the point of actually cheering when either the AC or furnace kicked on for the season. 
 Milkweed has taken over my deck.  I don't have the heart to pull it.  What if a Monarch should choose this little sprig for it's eggs?
 The milkweed is in flower.  I've been watching for Jerry or his sister Elizabeth.  (Penny has decided that the last sighting of a Monarch was  NOT Jerry but his sister Elizabeth!)
 The milkweed is even growing through the stairs.
I've been hanging all sorts of stuff on the deck.  We're gonna power wash before the July 4th holiday if the weather cooperates.
 I found a few things in the basement.  I have a hanging plant for the bird cage stand.
 This sun was made many years ago by my niece Gina.
 Behind the water heater I found this floor cloth.  It had to be the 80's when I was in my floor cloth period.  I never completed it. It's painted on the back side of a piece of vinyl flooring.
 I unrolled it onto the deck and some of the paint pealed off.  I wonder if it's worth saving.

 Things are  out of control with all the rain we've had.  I have hundreds of  the Annabelle hydrangeas.
Only a few of the Endless Summer.
 I tried my hand at the Iron Orchid Designs transfer on this chalkboard.  I purchased it at Midwest Retro.  I have another one to try and I have also used their Erasable Liquid Chalk.  What a great shop and it's pretty close to home.  My blogging friend Joy from Savvy City Farmer does all the staging at the shop.  Inspirational, the shop and Joy!
 My farmhouse mantle for summer.  I did not put out my Salute to American mantle.  Not enough time, and what's the chance I would find the July 4th box after all that moving and such in the basement. Putting things back where they belong is another job.
 SIL Elizabeth gifted me this lantern.  It's missing it's door, but she got it for free!  Wedding ideas abound.
 An accidental vignette.  The book, lemon towel and vintage juice bottle all thrifted at various times.
The scoop is from Hob Lob and the Freedom Ring book I found at the thrift just this weekend.
 I have been crocheting a little.  Dishcloths.

These are the invitations to our Rehearsal Dinner up North.  I found the vintage map of the UP and though my printer died, my dearest helped me out and we got it done together.  
 We are staying close to home for the holiday and hope that we have some company.  Until next tine,  thanks for stopping by and for your friendship. Please be safe and have a Happy Independence Day.

Enjoy this beautiful day,
Love, Penny


Lynne said...

A new furnace/heat/air is a big deal . . .
Even more so with a wedding in the mix . . .
I hope you are enjoying some cool . . . right now!
It’s been mega hot here . . .
We were late getting our mulch finished this year.
Mostly because I was late weeding because of some back problems.
Finally getting to the finish line, but won’t make the 4th deadline.
I crossed off a big bunch today . . . feels like good news!

Not sure what has happened to my Annabelle’s . . ..
My usual white blooms are green . . .
I don’t think I have ever seen them like this.
Usually, they are white, then turn green at the end of their bloom.
I have a huge spot in the woods where I drop my clippings.
My Annabelle’s there have huge white blossoms . . .
What do you think, any ideas?

Jeanie said...

I love shopping in the basement! And your mantle is so pretty.

I feel for you with the air. I'm in the same boat but we never have it and only need it about 10 days a year. Right now I think I'm on about Day six of those and it's wearing thin. Long drives...!

Happy weekend,