Monday, June 25, 2018

Weekend Update

 First concert at Ravinia for 2018.  We've been going together since our honeymoon in 1976.
The artist was Seal, the performance was great but the weather...was cool.  The temp the day before was 95 but on the evening of the concert it was 61 with a steady breeze.  We froze!
 We snuggled under a tablecloth we usually sit on.  Lucky for us, the rain that surrounded us never fell and we had a very good time.  We danced a little and I walked around the park to get the blood flowing.
 The lawn never did fill up, but those scared away by the threat of rain missed a great show.
 Then a mission of mercy.  Our Charlotte had surgery on her foot and needed to get picked up from a Doctor's visit, and taken home to Indiana.   Then the rain came again.  I got to see the gorgeous Buckingham Fountain on Lake Shore Drive. Did you know it was built by a woman named Kate Buckingham in memory of her brother Clarence?  Geoffrey Baer a local treasure who loves to share his knowledge of Chicago history on our PBS station taught me that.  (an a million other Chicago facts;-)
Charlotte was home safe and we had a unexpected 
tour of our hometown.  It's even beautiful in the pouring rain.

 Then our girls arrived and we spent a fun afternoon shopping at the thrift and the craft store.
Kris took the train back home and left us the best girl in the world, our babygrand Penny.
We watched a kids cooking competition on TV and Penny wanted to learn to bake right there and then. I convinced her to wait till the morning.  As soon as she woke up, first thing out of her mouth, Let's bake! I let her do everything herself.  We used a mix, but she broke the eggs, measured the oil and water.  We added some vanilla and mini chocolate chips.
I told Penny how important cleaning up is.

 She was so proud.
 We made fancy hearts, and put them in the freezer for the 4th of July.
  Then a big surprise for us all.  The cousins were in town and visited.  All the hugs and kisses, laughter and fun.  I even got to hold our baby Zoe.  We miss them all so much, so these visits are very special.
 Penny and I made some cards for the children who were separated from their parents.  Our Senator posted the address, and we thought it was a wonderful idea to show the children that many Americans do care.

Off to the Lake and a performance.
 Penny took this pick.  A lot of "old people" were there to listen to a rock and roll band.  (Our peers.)
 Sunday morning, our very first sighting of Jerry!  What all Monarch butterflies till today were called.  Surprisingly, this was Jerry's sister Elizabeth.
 Then our very first visit to the Morton Arboretum to see the amazing Trolls by Danish artist
Thomas Dambo.  The trolls are made of recycled materials.  Penny was amazed and a little frightened.
 When you see where this troll's rocks landed, you might be frightened too.
 Explain that to the State Farm agent...
 What a couple of sweethearts.
 Someday I will devote an entire post to the Arboretum.
 This trip was all about the trolls.
It was so much fun for all of us.
Here the troll set a trap for kids who were tempted by the golden suitcase.

 Much different than the Botanic Garden.  Mostly trees, trees, trees. I love trees!
 We were able to drive through the woods, it was so beautiful, it brought me to tears.
Penny said that Grandma's BFF is nature.
We were pretty lucky to find a few trolls that were hidden from view. 

 This big guy...

This troll almost had our girl for a snack!
 What a great day, a happy weekend and special time with our real BFF, our sweet girl Penny.

Thanks for stopping by and for your kindness.
Enjoy this beautiful day.
Love, Penny


Lynne said...

You write such a nice story . . . with pictures . . .
Great Arboretum Troll Art . . .
I am sure it was enjoyed by the two P’s and Mr Sweetness!
Ravina concerts weekly or monthly ?
Wonderful tradition you have contined since 1976!

Jeanie said...

Oh Penny, it sounds like a wonderufl time and so many fabulous photos! Love that arboretum. I haven't been to Ravinia since the 1980s. It's odd but probably when I was there way back then, Rick was working there (he did summers there for a bit when his dad was managing the kitchens). That would be funny! Maybe he was done by then, who knows. But fun! Happy week!