Monday, June 11, 2018

Just a Weekend in June

 It started with our Guild's end of year dinner.  In a noisy sports bar, 17 women and 40 TV screens.
 I love each of these amazing women.  We mostly yelled at each other, the atmosphere not really conducive to conversation, but a good time was had, and another fruitful year of service to our community.
 My handsome date to our next event.  The wedding of Kathleen and Nick.  Kathleen the dear daughter of my amazing friend Jean. 
 We had never attended a event in a venue like this.  Perfectly millennial.  Bocce courts!  Bowling alleys.  It was a perfect summer night, and the bride was beautiful.
 The venue was covered but open to the summer breezes. 

 We sat with our dear friends Jane and Bob and Kathy and Jim, dear Aunt and Uncle of the bride.
 It was was my sweetheart's birthday.  He was happily remembered with a da da da da da da, TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY, sung by the Beatles and a big delicious cupcake, brought to the table by the bride herself.  Such a great surprise! (Kind like her Mother!)
 Our friend and Mother of the Bride Jean was not able to attend the reception.  Jean watched the private wedding ceremony at home, while dear Tom walked Kathleen up the aisle. I missed my friends and ached that they had to miss most of the festivities.  I took a bunch of photos to share with know professional wedding photos take a while.  Walgreen's printed my photos the next morning while we waited.  Jean and Tom were able to share some of the happy moments.  That's Jean and Tom on their happy day just a few years back.
The beautiful bride and groom.  They radiated happiness!
Donna, on the left and friend and Guild Sister Susan
 We were not done after the wedding  Donna, dear guild sister and friend was celebrating her retirement and 39th birthday. By the time we arrived things were winding up.  Still got to hug a bunch of our mutual friends and wish this amazing woman happiness and love always.  Donna is a bright light in our Guild and in our lives.
 Remember that handsome guy with the cupcake?  We celebrated my dearest with a family birthday dinner.  Never mind the candles...a make due...Penny's 6th birthday candle and a dusty single candle found in the drawer.  I'll never tell his real age, but he is much younger than me.
 All the kids and Elizabeth, Greg and Jimmy.  We enjoyed lasagna and meatballs. 

 Even thought to hand the camera to our son Jon for a rare photo.  I'm usually the one taking all the pictures.
 The kids played pictionary with Penny.  Hair was braided.  Naps were taken, baseball games watched
Funny stories shared about Dad that had us all laughing.
This girl makes any visit a party.

Our summer weekends are never this busy, but it was fun to see friends and share the happiness of a couple starting out, a woman starting a new chapter, and a husband...
I sang this to him on his birthday, first thing...
On the day that you were born 
the angels got together 
and decided to create a dream come true...
He really is, a dream come true.  So grateful for him and all he provides for us, especially the love.
He's devastatingly handsome, kind and generous to a fault, the best Dad, the silliest Grandpa, my best friend and sweetheart.  Happy Birthday my love.

Thanks for stopping by and for your kindness.
Enjoy this beautiful day.
Love, Penny


Lynne said...

Sounds like a weekend filled with guild, family, friends . . .
Happiness Laughter Love . . .
Can’t get much better!

Our Hopeful Home said...

Sounds like you've been pretty busy, friend! Greetings from Wayne, I know it's been quite a while but you've certainly been in my thoughts! Not much blog reading time for me -- three teenagers keep us busy! Our oldest just graduated with honors from high school and will be attending college in the fall -- egads, when did that happen? Middle daughter will be a senior and son will be a sophomore. Boy do I feel old:) Glad to see that you are having a lovely summer surrounded by family and friends. Happy birthday to the hubs! I will try not to stay a stranger this time.....xo Kathy|Our Hopeful Home