Monday, June 4, 2018

"I have to go to bed by day...

That title is from the poem, Bed in Summer by Robert Louis Stevenson.  Strange thing about being a grownup, I wanted to go to bed last night when it was still light.  I was tired after a day in the garden.

The first peonies are in bloom.  The beautiful fragrance comes through the open windows, even on the second floor.
 I picked a bunch and they stay for days.
 When all the ants are off the tasty blooms, I bring them inside to enjoy and remember. We always had peonies growing up.
 We headed to a rummage sale on the North Shore in Winnetka.  Loved these Gothic windows.
 It was a lovely place but the rummage sale was pricey.  My dearest round some DVD movies but I left empty handed.
 On the way I saw a log cabin.  We headed back towards home the same way and stopped to check it out.

 There she is.  Isn't she lovely.  I thought she might be an historic sight but she was built for students at the nearby Crow Island School.  They use this cabin to experience pioneer living.
 Seems the Crow Island School is very famous, but this cabin is not.  Just part of the curriculum.
 I believe that this applies to the school itself, but I couldn't find much about the cabin.
 Anyway, I fell in love.  The cabin itself and the Crow Island Woods where it stands are just beautiful.
 We were not able to go inside.

 It is made from a log cabin from southern Illinois.
 I was hoping to see a pioneer looking out of the window.

Love the happy serendipitous way we found this gem.
 Later after seeing this cool store on Facebook we drove straight down Route 14 for 39 miles!
To Twill Cottage in Walworth, Wisconsin.
 Such a charming store and the owner Deb was so friendly and kind.  Handmade candles, beautiful benches and refinished furniture. 
 This wall was covered in book pages, so beautifully done.  Handmade pillows galore.
 We had a nice conversation and purchased a couple of cool items.  Local girls, (and we think 39 miles is local), check out this awesome shop.
 On the way back there was a parade we were trying to avoid.  My dearest took a detour that had us driving in the country for almost a half hour.  We didn't know where we were, but enjoyed every minute.
 The land all green and that smell of June, when everything is growing.
 How beautiful and big the world is.

 How we love a long ride in the country.
 This is what I bought at the Twill Cottage.
 This cool enameled office sign for my dearest.  (It may go on the bathroom door, if you get my drift.;-)
 I follow Miss Mustard Seed's blog but have never tried her milk paint.  I bought a sample size to try.
A pretty green for a bench I found at the thrift.
 Well this happened.  A large branch from our neighbor's old willow is wedged in four of our trees.
 It's always something...Remember Roseann Roseannadanna?  If it's not one thing it's another.

 Here's a little photo diary of my work around the deck...

 Our fairy garden is growing...

 All the pots are planted.

 I love looking out my kitchen window,
 or walking up my front walk this time of year.
 Counting my blessings.

 The bittersweet has come back like gangbusters!
Everything so green and lush. 
Beauty in every season.

Bed in Summer by Robert Louis Stevenson

In winter I get up at night 
And dress by yellow candle-light. 
In summer, quite the other way, 
I have to go to bed by day. 

I have to go to bed and see 
The birds still hopping on the tree, 
Or hear the grown-up people's feet 
Still going past me in the street. 

And does it not seem hard to you, 
When all the sky is clear and blue, 
And I should like so much to play, 
                                        To have to go to bed by day? 

                         Thanks for stopping by and for your kindness always.
                                              Enjoy this beautiful day.
                                                      Love, Penny


Lynne said...

Gorgeous Peonies . . .
I have planted two . . . my first . . .
I am excited . . . blooms are ready to happen!

Log cabin is so charming . . ,
Wish it had been open . . .
Hopefully you can find out more information, and go back to look more.

Flowers, gardens, bitter sweet . . . it has finally arrived, hasn’t it!

Anne B. said...

Hi there,
I just wanted to correct and add to the information you shared re. the Schmidt-Burnham Log House located in Crow Island Woods in Winnetka. It was not built for the students at Crow Island School, nor was it made from a cabin from Southern Illinois. Crow Island School has a purpose-built Pioneer Room in the basement of the school that the students use to experience pioneer life. The historic Schmidt-Burnham Log House is owned and operated by the Winnetka Historical Society, and is the longest continuously occupied log house (not cabin) in Cook County, IL. Built circa 1837 from local oak, it was originally located on Church Road about a mile and a half from its current location, and was on farmland owned by the Schmidt family who emigrated from Trier, Germany. In 1917, it was bought by the artist Anita Willets Burnham who moved it to its second location at Tower Road in Winnetka. She added the back portion of the house on, raised her four children in the house and her daughters lived in it until 2001, when it was given to the Winnetka Historical Society with the intent of its preservation and operation as a museum. The Winnetka Historical Society moved it to its current site in Crow Island Woods in 2003 and after restoration it was opened as a museum in 2006. It is a landmark and on the National Register of Historic Places (2005). It is operated by volunteer docents (including myself) who give guided tours in period costume. The house is open twice a month from May through October, and one date in early December. Our website shows the dates we are open: Please stop back if you are in the area again!
Anne Bahan
Director, Schmidt-Burnham Log House