Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Moving, Chicago Style and Other Memorial Day Tales

Son Jon and DIL Charlotte moved from Chicago to Indiana on Memorial Day weekend.  There were some interesting moments...The truck was too small and required two trips.  Just parking in a convenient space requires "dibs" a Chicago practice, usually reserved for snow storms.  It required that we reserve the parking spaces with our own cars, then move them just as the truck returns.  Here Jon and Charlotte are standing their ground as the truck rounds the corner.
Some photos didn't happen with the task that was before us.  We were a great team...Charlotte's Mom and sister Christina and little Norah.  Charlotte, Kristen and I.  Then Jon and friend Rob and a couple of hired helpers. 
 Of course, it was a HOT day but we were comfortable with the AC on.
 When you look at the clean and empty apartment, I wondered how the heck we did it.  These girls. Love em so much.
 Did I mention that our own AC at home was not working?  True!  It initially came on...then nothing.
(We wait for the arrival of the repair tech. It was a long hot weekend.) We decided to take a ride in the glorious coolness of our car.  Ended up at the local nursery.  Isn't that sign awesome? 
 We have this shrub blooming right now in the garden.  Never knew it's correct name.
 Delphiniums, I just love their vibrant blue.

 It was hot, even the koi was looking for shade.
 Look at this beauty!  Elizabeth brought it to our cook out.  It was even better than it looked.  Light and refreshing.  With Jon and Charlotte settling in their new home, it was a small group, as family gatherings around here go. 

The breeze was nice and the company good.  

 All the plants I bought, but haven't yet planted. All those on the bench are plants I over wintered inside.
 I had everything I needed, except time and energy.
 Family came first, my potting can wait.
 There was one job that couldn't wait.  Planting a Fairy Garden with  my granddaughter.
 I showed Penny how to tickle the roots before she planted the tiny ivy, creeping thyme and lipstick plant. She filled the little wheelbarrow with soil to make it look more real.
We had all the accessories from the last couple of years. It's always party time in the Fairy Garden.
Our summer girl!  She had sprinkler fun, chalk on the deck and Auntie Elizabeth brought those poppers you throw on the sidewalk.  An excellent summer day for our girl.

When all the food was put away, and all the family left, we had a quiet evening.
Grateful for family, a safe move for the kids and for life in general.
We are so blessed.  Spending time together is always a good thing.

Some wonderful news, my friend Jean is now recovering at home!  
Sending my dear pal hopes and prayers for continued progress.  

Today I hope to fill those empty flower pots and eat leftovers.
Did you ever need a vacation after a holiday weekend?

Thanks for stopping by and for your friendship.
Enjoy this beautiful day.
Love, Penny

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Lynne said...

Lost my first (long) comment . . .
Here is the short version . . .
Who asked for this 95 degree weather . . . YIKES!
I hope your air gets fixed soon . . .
Golly by Golly, two weeks ago I was wearing wool socks and a coat!
And the heat was on !!!

Everyone looks like HAPPY even with the heat!