Monday, May 21, 2018

Spring Interrupted

The last six weeks or so have been challenging.  My dear pal Jean very sick, hospitalized, having such a difficult and painful time.  Heartbreaking.  Then the sudden death of our dear Charlotte's Dad.  Unthinkable.  My dearest had to travel last week, so I was alone.  Determined to get things done, keep busy.  That's not how it works...I had a lot of time but little motivation.  I started to do some cutting and sewing for our service project.  The kids called all the time and Mike and Amanda came and brought me dinner.    The week passed by pretty quickly.

 When I changed things up on the buffet, I moved my hymn board over to the living room.  I have a little shrine going.  I found the photo of St. Therese at my favorite thrift and added some roses. 
 Blessed Mother's month is May.  Some of my fondest memories are of May Crowning and the procession that passed our home.  One year, when my children were young, I was honored to decorate the steps to the statue of Mary in front of the school and make the flower crown that was placed on the statues head.  You can take the girl out of Church but you can't take the Catholic out of her, or something like that. ;-)
 I was always fascinated by the lives of the Saints.  Though I never had a patron saint, Penny being a "Hollywood" name and all.  I admire their stories, their great faith and unshakable belief. 
 Mother's day flowers still lovely.
 Fresh as a daisy.

 Last week we did find a great rummage sale where I found some books.  I can't believe I've never had this sewing book.
 Even before the Royal Wedding I have had a fascination with the Brits.  It could be the British boy I married, and the name I took...Penny Willoughby sounds pretty British for a Polish girl!
 Looking for inspiration to get in gear and get out into my own English Valley garden.
 My $2.50 silver plated serving tray...perfect for a tea party.
 My jewelry, only the finest a dollar can buy.
All the hearts, sewn and stuffed by my guild sisters.
This week we will be celebrating our Penny's 6th birthday.  Over the weekend the party at the stinky sock place...If you've been to one, you know...was amazing because Penny's cousins were able to attend.  These girls are BFF's forever.  After the party at the "Jumping Place" they all came back to our house for more fun.  I got to spend some time with little sister Baby Z.  She has been very suspicious of me, and I have been trying hard to win her over.  Well, my persistence payed off. We had a great time playing catch with some giggles and tickles.  It's so hard to have them far away.
These girls are so beautiful, smart and funny, and they love each other so much.

I can't believe our girl is six.  She is the light of our lives, and our love for her just grows and grows.

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Now that my dearest is back home, my mood has lifted but I have to wait for the showers to pass and the ground to dry a little before I begin my planting.  We are planning a garden party later in the summer, so a few pots of flowers would be nice.  Showers of the bridal variety, followed by our own royal wedding at the end of summer.  Jon and Charlotte move into their new home next month.  A new beginning for them.  I hope that they are able to find some joy and happiness at this difficult time. May is almost over but it's not too late...Our spring was interrupted but we will persist. 

"We are given dazzling sunlight, fragrant air, new birth, beauty all around us and we have to register it all in our soul.  While we are experiencing morning and spring, somewhere in the world there is darkness and sadness.  That's life."   -Alexandra Stoddard

 I quote Alexandra Stoddard on many a occasion.  She is a wonderful writer and her Grace Notes is always on my desk.  Thoughts and inspirations for a Beautiful Life, it says on the cover. 
I have many of her books and always find her to be inspiring and uplifting. 

Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kindness.
Enjoy this beautiful day.
Love, Penny


Jeanie said...

You have indeed had a sad run of it lately and I'm glad you were able to find some joy with a bit of good bargains and cute little ones. I love the Brits too -- posting on the wedding (which I watched more than once!) tomorrow. Those are wonderful looking books! And your Penny is adorable!

Lynne said...

Happy #6 to Penny . . .
Love the picture of the three girls . . .
Wonderful they enjoy each other so much!

It truly has been “a time” for you, family . . .
May this time of light and color help bring you some cheer and smiles . . .

Great book bargains . . . one thing I do look for . . .
(As if I need more books . . . )

Yesterday was an ALL DAY rain . . .
Haven’t had one of those, forever!
Makes digging in the dirt lots of fun . . .
Happy planting when it gets a bit drier Penny!

Elizabeth Czarkowski said...

Penny, you always find the best bargains .
I’m so happy the girls were able to be here for P.J.’s party . They loved it 💐