Monday, May 14, 2018

Rainy Days and Mondays

Our Mother's Day weekend was quiet.  I found this cool botanical hanging at the Northwind Perennial Farm.  I convinced my dearest that I could do his Mother's Day shopping by buying this. Ha, he's the sweetest.

It was reasonably priced and looks great just where I thought it would.
I added some faux plants and botanicals. some vintage garden items to a few cloches.
I love clear glass cloches and domes to change out for the seasons.
A cement bunny and some flower frogs in a mini bird bath.
A nice change for the summer.
I found two of these chairs at the thrift last year for a dollar each.  I finally got around to painting them a cool teal.

Now to power wash the deck.  It looks bad but after a good cleaning things will look much better.
We would really like to get another year out of this old deck. We just need to replace two boards.  Handy guy of mine, this job is for you!

Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Mallard have taken up residence in the neighborhood.  It delights me to see them waddle down the sidewalk. 
A rainy and cool Saturday. Errands and deliveries, and a visit to my friend Jean.  Still in rehab, but  I hope her next stop is home.  Thanks for your good thoughts and prayers for my dear friend.
We visited this cool shop in East Dundee.  About a half hour from home.  I didn't think to take a photo until we left.  I purchased a few cool things that I will show you at a later date.  So much to see, and styled by my blogging friend Joy from Savvy City Farmer.  If you are local, love vintage and creativity, this is the place.  Connie was so kind, we can't wait to go back.
This Mother goose was keeping her babies close.
Our neighbor's apple tree in glorious bloom.
Where did this tulip come from?
What a beauty, this is the year of the bleeding hearts.  Never had so many blooms as this year.
Not the year of the lilac.  Our white lilac have just a bloom or two.

Last year it was filled. 

A rainy week ahead, great for the garden, bad in the mood department. It will be a plus in the getting things done department, anyway I plan on making things happen.
Wishing you a productive week, peaceful times and love, plenty of love.
Thanks for stopping by.
Enjoy this beautiful day.
Love, Penny 

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Lynne said...

Liking that lead off Bleeding Heart photo . . .
And the others. . . .
Nice wall piece you convinced your hubs to gift you with . . .