Monday, September 10, 2018

Beauty Unadorned.

 I love the changing of the seasons, and I enjoy the beauty that comes in Autumn.

 One of our favorite places to visit in each season is our local garden center Hawthorn Gardens, just down the road in Hawthorn Woods.  
 Interesting collection of vintage tools.

 They always have the coolest urns and pots.

 You can't beat a beautiful water feature for tranquility in the garden.

 Ornamental kale, looks so lush even after a frost. (Which is weeks away.)

 These are so unique.  They are metal and so colorful.

 Used in a beautiful pot of zinnias.
 None of my zinnias were orange, but I have a large pot of marigolds, the french kind.  They really pop and give a show as the temps cool.

 Love the silvery color.

 We celebrated Grandparents day grandparenting. We were able to visit with the cousins before they returned to St. Louis after the wedding festivities. A fun evening of quiet time, just hanging out. Penny stayed over and we headed to the Garden early since she had a busy schedule later in the afternoon at home.  I was ready to have to fish her out of the drink.  It's not very deep, but oh so tempting to our little explorer.

 Penny loved the lily pads and the many different colors and types of pads and flowers.

 These were huge.

 We visited the greenhouses, where there is always something new in bloom. 

 Interesting shapes and colors.

 Unusual shapes and forms.

 Every flower beautiful.

 Our girl got a kick out of seeing the bananas growing.  I believe the last time we were here the plants were in bloom.  Fun Fact: Did you know that bananas don't grow on trees?  No woody parts to this bush.  

 Pretty caladium.

 Caught running in the pavilion.  A perfect place for a party.

 Outside of the English Walled Garden.  Different each time we visit.

 She seems determined to stop Grandma's heart.  I suggested the upper ledge, but no, as close to the water as possible.

We took the tram ride for the first time together.

 Perfect weather.  A cool breeze and sunny skies.

 Seeing all the garden from the comfort of the tram was a very cool thing for our girl.

Learning the history of the garden from the driver.  The trees, the oldest and the tallest.
How it all began back in the 1960's.  It was important for our girl to learn some of the history of one of our favorite places.  We want to instill in Penny a love of nature and a appreciation 
of the magic of the seasons.  
"Nature never did betray the heart that loved her."
William Wordsworth

 How fast she is growing . Penny told me she's a city girl who loves nature.

 She was surprised when I told her I lived in the city for 40 years.

 I could come here every week and see something new.

I believe our girl feels the same.

Back to the real world.  Work for my dearest, decorating and finishing up some 
service projects for me.
Starting to clean up the garden a little, and looking ahead to the holiday season, it's just 52 days till Halloween, 74 days till Thanksgiving...  Just saying.

Thanks for stopping by.
Enjoy this beautiful day.
Love, Penny


Our Hopeful Home said...

I can not believe how old Penny is! She is quite the lovely little one. She will appreciate you exposing her to nature especially as she grows older. You are great grandparents! (We just took our oldest to college for the first time. How time flies.) Happy fall, friend. xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

Lynne said...

I love beautiful garden visits.
This one with you was wonderful
Right from the start with the Garden Tool Sculpture piece on the barn wall . . .
and continuing on through with your frolicking “Penny Gem.”
Oh my yes, water edge moments with a young one can make one nervous . . .
Liked the interesting piece, looking like a piece of colorful seed corn, mixed in with zinnias.
Liked the bananas . . . new to me . . . flowers . . . and marigolds looking like dahlias . . .
Not only are you perfect grandparents . . . also exceptional teachers . . .
Penny will always remember . . .