Sunday, August 29, 2010

Historic Methodist Camp Ground

After finding 3 rummage sales in DesPlaines, (A few towns over from mine) my honey filled the Tom Tom and off we went. What we found was the Historic Methodist Camp Ground. I've lived in the Chicago area for my whole life and had never heard of it. It was purchased in 1865. Before there were established congregations and churches to house them, circuit preachers roamed the countryside carrying the message. The circuit riders traveled from small settlement to settlement and hatched the idea of bringing larger numbers together in one location for extended services. Thus the summer camp was born. I found all this info on the Historic Methodist Camp Ground website. If you're local, and have never seen this camp, you have to visit. It was a trip back in time. The grounds are lovely, the cabins, though many in disrepair charming. Everyone we met was friendly and proud to talk about the long history of this amazing place. With the jets of O'Hare overhead the only reminder that we were in present day DesPlaines, we wandered the grounds and imagined what it was like 150 years ago. The songs of Oh Brother Where Art Thou were humming through my head. I found it all magical, as did my husband.
The rummage sale was in the Dining Hall. I read that they rent out this space. It would be amazing for a wedding. So ROMANTIC.
This building is called the Waldorf Tabernacle.
I was charmed by these shutters, and the whole camp. Talk about stumbling upon a treasure. In case you're wondering, I purchased a tray. A Currier and Ives tray. Remember a few weeks back I found Spring and Autumn? Well, I found Winter. I also found another dishpan, at the same wonderful price as the other,$1! I hope you stumble upon something wonderful today.

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lizczar816 said...

hi penny,
I'm glad you told me to go there. It was like a step back in time. So different, and never knew it was right in our own back yard. I also found some goodies at the rummage sale. I filled a bag for $1.00.
Thanks so much, see ya soon.
love, Elizabeth :)