Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Hostas are Blooming!

When friends and family visit, they never mention the hostas, until this time of the year. They always say, when did you plant these flowers? To me they signal the end of summer. What signals the end of summer to you? Do you go kicking and screaming into Autumn, or welcome it?
I've made some changes around here that I'll share with you next week. Until then my friends, enjoy this beautiful weekend.

P.S. Happy Happy Birthday dear Carmella!
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Pamela said...

Hi dear Penny!

I go kicking and screaming into fall i do not like winter!! I love summer so much. Now that i live on the west coast i dread the thought of months of rain and grey skies!!
Thank goodness for my blog and blogging friends like you to get me through the winter!!
Love your hostas!!
Pamela xoxo