Monday, November 1, 2010

Help me price these items...

At our Auction we have a sale table. We started it years ago, so that ladies could still go home with something affordable, even if the bidding got a little too pricey for their budgets. I've been working on some of these kinds of items. The clothespin magnets I saw at Curious Sofa. Debbie was talking about how writing on items was all the rage right now and showed some random photos. When I saw these clothespins, I knew I had to make some. I had the pins, the french script stamp and the french paper, actually drawer liner my daughter was getting rid of when she moved to NY. I like to package things as much as I like to make them.
I make sachet hearts for our service project, but thought to make some in a linen type material and stamp an image. This bird may be my favorite of all my stamps. I filled them with organic lavender I bought at Whole Foods. They smell so good.
I always thought that this Keep Calm and Carry On was a quote from Queen Elizabeth. Was I the only one? I did a little research and found it was actually a poster made in Great Britain during WWII. It was never used during the war but was recently rediscovered. It has no copyright, that's why you see this on so many manufactured items. I printed the phrase on transfer paper, (I'm sorry that I can't remember where I got this particular graphic) and ironed it onto flour sack kitchen towels. I sewed on the lace trim and the ribbon attaching the crown charm.

I'd like to give away one of these towels. Help me price these items, (I find that's the hardest part) with a comment, and I'll choose a name on Friday. Thanks for your help.
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Suzanne said...

Omigosh Penny - you are asking the wrong person! HA. I have difficulty pricing my own items. You've done a beautiful job and I love the idea of the sale table because once-upon-a-time I was a stay-at-home mom with little money to spend on sweet things for myself.

I know this hasn't been much help in terms of pricing. Sorry.

Anne Marie said...

when does your shop open?? lol

ask Jenn Rizzo...she always knows the current prices of the hotest items....all fantastic stuff Penny!!!!!

Jennifer Rizzo said...

HI Penny. I was thinking you could do the clips at 6 each. The bird sachets at 7 each and the towels could go for as much as $10- $12 Everything you did was so cute! You need an Etsy store!

Heidi said...

Oh Penny! It is all lovely!

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