Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Winter Wishes

Just a few things out of the Christmas box. Since I started my blog in the spring, this is my first winter to show you some of my Christmas and winter items. Glued to a metal snowflake this little bird stays up well into January.
This theatre was all printed material from a program my dear husband bought for me, lost for 5, yes, 5 years, and then found. I've used so many of the images in my work. I'd like to try this style of theatre again, with real photos.
This winter banner is one of my favorite cold weather decorations. I remember I had everything I needed at home, and it came together in a snap. Don't you love when that happens? Maybe we'll have some real snow tonight. Until next time, stay warm.

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The Rustic Victorian said...

I love all the photos, the theater is very special!