Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It Was the Best Christmas, and then some...

 The house was all decked out...
 all the small touches that make me happy.
 Things that no one will notice, except me.
 When night fell on Christmas Eve, and the luminarias were lit...  the house glowed with the love within.
Every Christmas Eve, I walk across the street and look at our home.  It's my moment alone.  If I could bottle that moment every year, it would be filled with gratitude, happiness, faith, love and something more... The essence of Christmas.  All that I love safely snuggled inside.
 I remembered to take a few photos, and my brother took the one of my SIL's and me.
I opened the door to this great group.  The sweetest favorites in all the world...Kristen, dearest daughter o mine and mom to be, Gina, Amy, Emma and the sassy "little bird".
 My beautiful SIL's, Elizabeth, Mindy, Monika and Lynette.

My wonderful brothers,  Greg, Larry, Tony and Jeff. (aka my rotten brothers;-)

 Tracy and Tyler...and baby #2!
 Pal o mine, Marci... glowing!
 dearest darling husband, oh how I love that man o mine...and Mikey, my son, sigh, my son...
dear Charlotte and #1 son Jon Jon...  My heart overflows... 

It was the happiest Christmas I can remember, and the best gift was having all of us together.

The house sure is quiet.  Everyone has gone home.  The New Year is on the horizon, and I'm ready!  The New Year will bring a new baby to the family, along with a Grandchild to our lives.  Time to plan.  Time to reflect.  Time to nap...I'm pooped!  Enjoy this beautiful day.

PS  The only people I missed photographing were our dear Doug, sorry sweetie, and Tyler's brother Andy, who was a welcomed addition to our festivities.
PSS ...and  my wonderful nephews, Greg and Jimmy, sorry guys!


cityfarmer said...

all that you love snuggled safely inside ... says it all my friend


lisa said...

Hey penny girl--thanks for dropping by my blog and saying hello. It appears as if you had a splendid holiday with that wonderful family of yours...hope that the new year offers you all that you hope for and more!!!
Look forward to seeing you and your dear hubby in march at Kane...
Thanks for the kind words!
Best always, Lisa (the Frenchmans wife).