Sunday, December 4, 2011

When the Snow Falls...

It happened this week, our first accumulating snowfall.  To tell the truth I slept right through it.  It happened just after my Guild Sisters made $600 for our service projects!  There I was, sound asleep. 

I am feeling much better.  Heck if I know what I had, just a bad headache, severe body aches and a stuffed up head.  I hear it's going around.

To make up for lost time I inventoried my cookie making supplies.  Except for the butter, I am good to go.  Hoping to find a deal on some Land O Lakes...  Can you tell the difference between good old LOL and the bargain brand?  I can, and I want the best for my family and friends.

 On my first outing, after days at home, I hit the GW.  I found this julep looking cup, actually a florist vase,
...these two little tins, a .49 cent VHS of  A Charlie Brown Christmas, I can watch with the little bird...
... and this cool tray.  I've wanted one like this for a while.  There used to be one similar in the Southern Living at Home catalog.  They ran seasonal ribbon through the holes. Theirs was maybe $29.00,  mine was just $3.99!
On Saturday we headed north to Jeannie's of the
 Gilded Junqueyard.  She had a holiday sale at her lovely home.  The drive into her property set the tone for the sale.  We went in the day, but the previous night was her opening party. 
 The trees lining the drive each had a luminaria attached to it.  It must have been magical at night.
 So many vintage ornaments, so many pretty things...
What blew me away was her home, Wow, it is awesome.  Is it rude to gawk at the home when a sale is taking place?  I hope not. (Watch out Joy;-)
Look at this photo, all of them from grandparents to baby pictures.  Get the hammer and nails honey...I got a little project for you;-)
The beautiful girl herself. (Forgive my bad indoor photography) Such a warm and generous friend. Thank you for your hospitality Jeannie.   Check her out at the Colonial Antique Mall in Woodstock, Illinois.  What a nice town too.

 I bought some ornaments.  The star at the bottom is a kind of ornament I remember from our tree when I was very young.  Those, along with paper stars that I learned to fold a few years ago.  So reminds me of Buscia, and Mom and Dad...sigh...
When we left Jeannie's, we headed to downtown Woodstock.  It was raining and there were no parking spots.  As we circled we saw a sign for a Christmas Bazaar and Cookie Walk.  I am so glad we went.
There were the usual vendors, but one dear lady had a booth chock full of vintage.  She had 2 Red Wing crocks and they were priced ridiculously low.  I snatched up this one. 
 Another vendor had Lang cards and Little Golden books.
This little silver tray came home with me too. Twenty days to pull it all problem!
And that's all she wrote!  Have a great day my friends.

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The Gilded JunqueYard said...

Oh thank you penny for your sweet comments and post! It was so nice to see you! What a wonderful hubby you have always bringing you out on these long drives to be with us!