Friday, December 2, 2011

Missing the Party

Last night was my Guild's meeting/Christmas Party.  Unfortunately, I missed it.  Just getting over a bug of some sort.  Didn't want to spread it to my dear sisters.  Fortunately, I had most of the things I wanted to donate to our little auction done a while ago.  This pillow...

A small basket with a crocheted  washcloth  and lavender soap...

A small tin with a washcloth and 2 honey/oatmeal soaps...These are the ones that sold so well at the big auction...

A vintage crystal Love ornament.

I made each of the girls a mini pillowcase ornament.  Our pillowcase project for ConKerr Cancer is close to our hearts, so I sewed a replica of the pillowcases we make.  I even used the same technique, the hot dog method, though this was more of a cocktail frank method;-).  They are about 3x4inches.

The fabric is called Sing a Song of Christmas, from The Woodrow Studio, London.
I know I missed a great party, with my favorite women.  Can't wait to hear how it went and how much money we made for our
 service projects. 
 I'm sure missed a lot of laughter, many hugs and our angel hostess Adeline's beautiful home all decked out for Christmas.  I hope someone took pictures.  Sigh...  Enjoy this beautiful day.

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