Thursday, January 8, 2015

Talking about my girl...MY GIRL!

Here's the sweet p's bed and some new bedding I thrifted for her.  In fact all of her bedding I found at the thrift except for the first sheet shown on the bed I actually bought at Target..Some of the toys were Kristen's when she was a baby, Honey and Freddy Bear.  The slippers were part of a pre Christmas celebration called the five days of sweet p.  Anyway, all is ready for the move of this tiny bed into babygrand's sweet new digs in Chicago.
 I just found this sheet...for $1.49.
 I love a fancy label when it's in my price range.
 I paired it with this sweet little quilt, $2.49!  Loved the colors, flowers and butterflies...
 and the back, or maybe the front is embroidered.
 Three D butterflies...
branches and flowers.  Sweet dreams sleeping under this pretty blanket.

I did a little shopping when all the Christmas stuff went to 80% off.  Remember when this used to happen much later, I found these when it was still December! Now to put it away so I can find it when I need it later this year!  That's the trick, right? ;-)

Things are going to get busy very soon, so forgive my absence. We have several things to move for our little one, including a well stocked kitchen, with everything from pots and pans to baking supplies.  She is gonna love it!   I'll be back with wonderful tales of time with my sweet daughter and darling grand daughter. Oh man, this is gonna be awesome, with a side of emotional!

Thanks so much for stopping by and for all your kind comments.  Enjoy this beautiful day.


Lynne said...

Wonderful Penny . . . You will make this the best move transition ever . . . Cute things for your precious granddaughter's new bedroom! It must be happening very soon . . . in all this SNOW????

Debby said...

I went searching for you today. I have to figure out how to put my favorite blogs together. I haven't seen a few of your posts. Little P. Living closer to you is just so awesome. Love her bed. It's so nice to have them near. You are going to have so much.
Sounds like Christmas was nice. Ours was too but a bit germmy. We still have to exchange with our one son and his girls tomorrow.
Stay well and warm. Xo