Wednesday, January 21, 2015

To Brighten Up a Gloomy Day

The longer days help, but the gloom that comes with January is only kept at bay by being busy.  I found this silver rose bowl at the thrift.
It has it's own frog for arranging, and I had roses in my stash. I added a couple to fill it out so the reflection is as pretty as the front.

 A little sparkle of reflected light.

I also added some faux greenery.  Things tend to look so flat in the dim winter's light. In person it looks fresh and gives the room some life.
On a quick trip to the thrift with my future DIL Charlotte, I found a couple of treasures.  I never say no to a cloche, and these glasses will be pretty votive holders.
 I found this interesting container on another stop.
 To hold a gift, a bowl of sweets, a single heart.
 The one decoration I have not put away...Seems I like to play in the snow, I mean salt.
 Fished out some of my Valentine making supplies...

and found a stack of goodies I've been collecting. Now for some inspiration...First I'll check my Valentine pins over at Pinterest, and see how I can brighten up this gloomy day.

Thanks so much for stopping by and for all your kind comments.  Enjoy this beautiful day my friends.


Debby said...

The bowl with heart is really nice. I forgot to say something about Baby P.'s hair. It is really beautiful. I love the color and the length.

Melanie said...

Good morning, Penny! I'm sure you'll be whipping up some beautiful Valentine's Day decor. It's a good day to craft with it being so gloomy, isn't it? I love the silver bowl you found...perfect for roses. Hope to see you again soon, my wonderful friend. {{hugs}}

Lynne said...

I am trying to find some Valentine inspiration.
Maybe it is YOU . . .
Ever have a lazy day?